epdm granules in iran

epdm granules suppliers in iran

Iran is one of the big names in rubber granules and flooring, which is used for various uses. Rubber granules are new to the epdm material in their structure.
The rubber granules are mesh and are used in sizes of 3-5 in the artificial turf manufacturing structure. The good selling price of artificial grass granules in high volume is extremely affordable. One of the oil products that is produced annually in Iran in a light and heavy-duty type is the tires of riding and truck tires. But are these tires the fate of what’s going on after wearing out? … These worn tires have environmental damages, and while they also make the face of nature unnatural, and so are the solutions that entrepreneurs have today Which will turn to the recycling industry and produce rubber granules . A granule that can throw the cycle of artificial grass products in our country.