Sales price of Sulfur Export Granular Date

Sales price of Sulfur Export Granular Date

The selling price of sulfur granular in the domestic and foreign markets is fluctuating and the dollar fluctuates.

Sulphate Properties of Granular Export

One of the important factors in the sale of sulfur granules in its use in agricultural and agricultural soils is to disinfect the soil due to the fungal properties of the export of sulfur granules. Soil is considered as a condition for growth and production of agricultural products. Organic matter deficiencies of lime and its essential oils are one of the harmful factors for plants and the use of sulfur granules improves soil conditions including harmful factors in the root of worm plants White is a root that results from the results of soil infiltration.


Another beneficial effect of exports of sulfur in exports is the destruction and destruction of hair (grapes) and insect vectors in this direction.

Grape Mushroom



The sale of sulfur granules in the export field is possible by registering a formal order.

Honey granules

buy and selling nylon granules

buy and selling its granular nylon is in demand for the market for granules to be sold and sold.

Nylon and granulated industries















In general, nylons have played a major role in the granular industry and its trade. For the purchase and demand of goods in stores, many nylon bags are used, which are usually disposable and usually used unused for a large amount of waste. Disposable products are converted to a macro level. But what is the point in making and producing granules? The strength and durability of this granular process is effective so that after the conversion of this granule feed to the granules of nylon that are ready for sale, your quality guarantees the durability of the granular buyers for you in the market for nylon granules.

Sale of lightweight polyethylene granules

Selling price recycled polyethylene granules

The  price sale and export of polyethylene granules are booming in the foreign markets, especially in neighboring countries like Afghanistan.

Introduction of Polyethylene Polyethylene Film Strip in the Export Zone

Polyethylene film granules in the field of export

In the field of exporting polyethylene granules the brand is very important. One of the proprietary brands of light-weight polyethylene granules, which is traded and traded in the public trademark called “Film Granul”, is LLDPE. The characteristics of this polymer granule have a low tensile strength, including the market for this granule in the manufacture of pipes Polyethylene and coating of electrical and telecommunication wires and industrial parts.

Export of polyethylene granules

Selling polyethylene granules is a light and heavy type of high-traffic markets in the field of exports.

Selling petrochemical granules industries

Selling various types of petrochemical granules industries

Sales of petrochemical granules consumed by industries in various types of specialized grids can be distributed throughout Iran.

Types of delivery of petrochemical granules

granules industries

Granular Petrochemical X5 Maroon

Petrochemical Granule F7000 Mehr

Petrochemical Granule 52518 Tabriz

Petrochemical Granule 0035 Amir Kabir

Ordering all petrochemical granules is possible by registering a formal order and in cash.