Selling a variety of auxiliary materials producing industrial granules

In the production of industrial granules different materials are being sold for the production of granules, the big industry has grown to produce large markets for the consumption of auxiliary materials.


Auxiliary materials for the production of granules

Humidifier masterbatch

Among the auxiliary materials in the granular materials industry are massive materials. Large areas of these materials are color-coded. The colors of the granular industry are in the masterbatches category, which are themselves in the category of granules. In this regard, auxiliary materials And additive are another area of consumables in the granular industry to enhance and improve the properties and factors that improve recycled granules used in the composite granule industry.





Selling various exporter of petrochemical granules

Petrochemical exports of granules in various types of applied polymers have the ability to sell and supply both internally and externally.

New Export Granular Export Market

Export Granular is a generic term used in many types of polymer granules to be covered and marketed. Granules have not had any restrictions on the role of sales in different markets due to the key nature of the rotation of industrial factories.



The precious thing that is considered in the field of commercial export granules is the volume of these deals, which are in high tonnage, and the supplies of this granule group are often found in large petrochemical bases and large factories.



Those recovered granular exports of the hot granular market, usually lost due to the lack of high capacity and non-industrialization and lack of export-oriented commercial infrastructure, have lost their presence in the global markets and turned to the domestic market for the sale of granules. They are Regarding the large commercial markets of Iran in the field of export granules, parallel to the large.

Sales of various types of industrial polymer granules

Sales of various types of industrial polymer granules

Polymer granules have achieved special sales in a variety of polymer granules in the granular market.

Polymer Granules and Target Industries

industrial polymer granules


Polymer granules are targeted at consuming predominant industries. Polymers are used in very wide branches as basic infrastructure materials. Products such as automotive manufacturing and production of parts of a variety of polymer granules are fed on polypropylene and OBC bases, polycarbonates, polyamides and other bases. In other industries, such as construction and food industry, other bases are used in pvc and upvc granules and polyethylene and composite components to produce building coatings and packaging plastics and storage containers.


Iran Petrochemical Granular buy and Sales Center

Iran’s petrochemical granule is ready to accept central orders for foreign markets.

The market for petrochemical granules

The market for petrochemical granules

Today’s petrochemical granule has undergone major changes due to fluctuations in the dollar. Granular Petrochemicals in Iran in various types of polymers are the pamphlet of the category of export granules. Petrochemical granules are consumable on domestic and foreign markets. Any orders in these granules are written and completely criticized in the form of direct supply of petrochemicals, and any withdrawal includes fines.