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Sales of rubber granules can be shipped in a variety of sizes in a variety of sizes.

Sale of rubber granules and accessories

Rubber granulesrubber granules

Rubber granules are based on their number and size. Granular sizes are in 1-3 and 3-5, and the powder model, or in the general term, is available on the domestic market, and if you want to offer these granules in foreign markets, the tonnage of a variety of rubber granules can be supplied. In the direction of production of granules Rubber items such as wires and rubber crochets are also depoiled and shelved in the case of accessories, and if customized in such cases, it can be considered in high volume.

sell polyethylene granules for the production of pipes

Polyethylene granules are one of the most important and most used polymers in the industry. Also this polymer comes from refining crude oil.
Polyethylene granules is a variety of thermoplastic polymers. It means that it turns into a solid state when it reaches its melting point and reaches the freezing point.
Polyethylene usually made up of a mixture of crude oil and natural gas. Some of its informal names are polythene or polyethylene. In addition, it is also called PE.
Polyethylene granule often uses to make plastic compounds. For to uses purely. This material used for a wide range of uses.

polyethylen granule

Types of polyethylene

  •  LDEP or light polyethylene
  •  LLDPE or Low-Density Polyethylene

Some manufacturers use this type of material for producting polyethene tubes for gaseous applications.

polyethylene granules

Application of polyethylene granules

Polyethylene granules widely uses in the various production. such as all kinds of plastic accessories which use in the kitchen and food industries. (LDPE) Low-density polyethene uses in the manufacture of light plastic containers as well as plastic bags.
LDPE uses in the manufacture of milk and liquid containers. And also, all kinds of plastic kitchen appliances. MDPE commonly used, in the production of plastic tubes and plumbing fittings.
LLDPE has a high degree of flexibility in the provision of flexible devices such as bending tubes. Recently, numerous studies carried out on the production of long chain and short-chain polyethylene.
These polyethylene are essentially HDPE with a number of lateral branches.
Also, these polyethylenes have a combination of HDPE strength and LDPE flexibility.

polyethylene granules

Production of various types of polyethylene

Polyethylene granules of various types of polyethylene pipes from high-density polyethylene materials is today one of the most important industries in the world.
In the case of polyethylene pipes, there are many factors that are being evaluated.
In general, the important issues that arise in the polyethylene pipe industry are as follows:

  • The raw material for the production of polyethylene pipes
  • A production method of all kinds of polyethylene pipes, kerugit tube and spiral pipe
  • How to apply standard tests on polyethylene pipes
  • The proper method for storing and storing polyethylene pipes
  • Types of pipes and fittings of polyethylene and their size and dimensions
  • Kind of Polyethylene link
  • Types of installation of polyethylene pipe
Coke granule

Coke granule for iron smelting industry

Metallurgical coke granule is a porous material uses in high furnaces and is one of the major uses of coke in the metallurgical industry. Coke in a long furnace has various roles in supplying energy and regenerating iron ores and creating porosity for the passage of reducing gases.

In the furnace, coke also uses as a fuel and a reducing agent.
Coke granule is a very high carbon material and little impurities used as fuel.

Coke is a carbonate solid which is producing from low-ash bituminous coal and low sulfur content. The coke produced from coal comes in grey and also hard, porous.

Of course, coke is also natural, but the most common use coke which makes from coal by humans. Certain coal uses to produce metallurgical coke, and coal properties determine the properties of coke production.

Non-organic coal is called sterilized and remains in the form of ash in coke and has an effect on the operation of a large furnace.

The presence of ash in coke increases the consumption of coke and limestone in a large furnace and reduces the production capacity of coking batteries Gets.

Coke granule

Changes in coal conversion to coke granule

Changes in coal-to-coke conversion are:

  •  Increase carbon content and thus increase thermal value.
  •  Resistance to mechanical factors such as impact and pressure, fall and wear.
  •  Reduction of volatile impurities resulting from the release of gases and volatile coal
  •  Increases the usefulness level for further burning that supply with coke porosity.

coke granule

What is coke

Metallurgical coke granule is a porous material used in the high furnace, one of the main uses of coke in the metallurgical industry.
Coal coke in the furnace has various energy supply roles, iron ore resuscitation, porosity for the passage of reducing gas and cast iron.
The furnace also uses coke granule as a fuel and a reducing agent.
Certain coal uses to produce metallic coke, and coal properties determine the properties of coke production.
Non-organic coal call sterilized and remains in the coke ash and has an effect on the operation of the furnace.

The presence of ash in coke increases the consumption of coke and limestone in the furnace and reduces the capacity of coking batteries production.
Coke has a percentage of sulfur and phosphorus. As a result, the most important factor is the introduction of sulfur and phosphorus into the process of steel production, coke. Sulfur and phosphorus are among the harmful elements in the steels
A black substance is similar to coal that is found in different grades.
Any coke depends on the type of analysis, including carbon content, moisture, ash, sulfur content and volatile matter, etc.
Most of the coal coke in Iran is from Iron melting Company.

coke granule

Introduction to the coking process

To regenerate iron, it is necessary to separate the oxygen from iron oxides. It is called the resuscitation agent. All reactions of the furnace carry out at high temperatures that are the result of the burning of the coke.

Coke coal uses for the recovery and melting in a long furnace. Natural gas and mazut also use in small amounts instead of coke. The recovery potential of natural gas is much higher than carbon dioxide.

Therefore, it is attempting to inject gas Natural in a long oven also use to burn this gas in a long furnace. In today’s modern furnaces, the injection method It also uses in charcoal, which greatly reduces the consumption of coke.

Polystyrene granules

Buy and sell granules foam polystyrene plastic

The sale and sale of a variety of foam granules, also called polystyrene granite polystyrene granules, is in addition to the production of foaming industry in terms of mechanical structure.

Foam Granules and Uses in the Industry

Granular foam is generally a mixture of polymers that combine with gas and into a sponge. Polymers are produced from branches such as polyethylene, polyurethane, polystyrene. One of the most important points in the quality of foam granules is its use in the production of products, and the factors such as high strength against its flexibility and its high strength against tensile and rupture is significant.

Polystyrene foam polystyrene

Granular products are used in industries such as bags and shoes, insulation, automotive and building and parquet flooring.

Sandy chair

One of the uses of this foam granule is sandstone and doll making.


Sell Granules PE100 Polyethylene exporter

Polyethylene PE100 granular is one of the exporter grade granules that is directly used by the industry in the foreign market.

Features and Benefits of Granular PE100

Exports of granules PE100 and PE80 are among the granules used in the production of gas and water industries, and this polymer is one of the most commonly used polymers in the foreign sales industry. It is characterized by a high density density polyethylene granules with a lower weight and thickness, including the advantages This new anti-ultraviolet granule is a granule.


The mechanical properties of polyethylene PE100 granules are superior to those of the previous generation PE80, which has led to the entry of this grade into high pressure applications in the gas and water distribution industry.

One of the benefits is the point



1 – High stiffness


  1. Excellent toughness


  1. ESCR is good


  1. Processability


Compare two grades of polyethylene granules technically

Comparison of two-grade polyethylene


Applications of polyethylene granules


The sale of exported polyethylene granules in various types of specialty grades for the target industries has internal and external supply capability.


Sale of feed for the plastic granulation industry

Feed is one of the most effective means of grinding plants.

In the market for mill granulation, the price index is a very important factor in the competitive landscape.

Colored Hollow Granular Material

Hampank granules are recycled granules and granulated petrochemicals are consumable by various factories.

Humpback containers


One of the major uses of Hampank Granules is the use of food containers to pack different products.

Hymen granule materials are used in various colors, such as green, red and white, for granulation purposes.