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Sell Crystal Granules in the World

The sell crystal granules in the market depends on several factors. One of the important and influential factors in choosing this granule is the degree of transparency and brilliance of this material.

Certainly, for you favorite reader, Crystal, is very familiar. Crystals are in fact a reminiscent of beautiful glass containers. Even that are very expensive and have a beautiful glow due to their atomic structure. And also will have a special place in your mind. In the granular industry. These granules also use in the name of crystal granules, physically very similar to objects that have transparency and pass through light.

Transparent crystal granularity also is a very important factor for many specialty component makers. It should be noted that glass opacity is a very popular example among industry owners. Of course, this degree of transparency has a great impact on crystal granules.

sell crystal granules

crystal granules

The factors affecting the price of sell crystal granules

Granules have a variety of colors as well as product and price diversity. Each type of granule uses for the production of a variety of human accessories, according to its specific characteristics.
Crystal granules, lens granules, winding granules, colorless granules and any kind of granule needed by the industries of the country are available through this collection and sold at the most affordable prices.
Regarding direct supply, the sale price of a variety of granular products in this set below market prices.

Selling Crystal Granules

Crystal Granules

Selling Crystal Granules

The crystal granule is one of the very transparent granules in the polymer production line. This granule has the ability to buy and sell petrochemicals and types of recycled granules. The polystyrene crystal granulator is an element of production. And has recycling capability. This granule process from the finely ground pulp. Crystal Granules are very important for the use of this granule in the disposable utensil industry.

sell Crystal Granules

Crystal Granulus Properties

The crystal is a plastic material with a high-quality color in a variety of colors, the most consuming color, which is the same as a glass, also is the only plastic product that produces without a smudge and its features can be fragile. It’s like glass. . This product most often use in packaging cases that need to be identified in the package. It also uses to produce a variety of memory drives, such as CDs and DVDs.

We all know that plastics have taken a great part of our lives. And they also use in many industries. Plastics are made for the first time by humans. Among these materials are nylons, PVC, polyethylene and the like. It can be noted that they have a variety of prices.

Recycled pet bottle granules

Recycled pet bottle granules price in Iran

The most common use of Recycled pet bottle granules plastics on the consumer products market are:
PE, polyethylene: bags, bottles for detergents, toys, films and other packaging;
PP, polypropylene, with very different uses: objects for furniture, containers for food, bottles for detergents and detergents, carpets, garden furniture;
PVC, polyvinyl chloride: trays for eggs, films, tubes; it is also in doors, windows and tiles;
PET, polyethene terephthalate: beverage bottles, synthetic fibers, cassette tapes.

Recycled pet bottle granules

Recycled granules

Advantage and Application of PET Bottle

  •  Cost of plastic recycling machine apply in PET waste bottle or leaf recycling field and with high automation, less man power, low energy consumption, high efficiency.
  •  Manufacturing procedure starting from shredding, crushing, washing, drying, separating, final packing, we will design according to customer’s requests.
  •  With a pre-treatment material system such as pre-washer, label processing module, greatly improve the quality of the final product.
  •  With multiple cold flotation, hot wash and friction wash, completely remove impurities such as glue, organic and inorganic residues.
  •  High-quality separation, pre-sorting material (steel, sands)
  •  Clean flakes can use to produce polyester staple fiber, PET strapping, PET pellets, film and PET sheets, etc. Higher grade flakes reuse to blow bottles.
  •  Cost of the plastic recycling machine is based on the dirty flakes are, in addition, make sure the quality of the finished products are very clean.
Recycled pet bottle granules

Recycled granules

Recycled pet bottle granules allowing

The Recycled pet bottle granules sorted after collection are mainly recycled mechanically, to produce pellets, used to make new plastic objects.
The main plastics are recycled, with different applications. PET (polyethene terephthalate), component of plastic bottles, mainly transformers into fibres (55%) used for example in the textile but also to remake bottles (32%) and leaves (10%). For packaging that suitable for food contact, a decontamination step must add.

Recycled pet bottle granules

Recycled granules

Opportunities sometimes limited because of certain industrial practices

A figure that seems weak, but Cotrep points out that the presence of opacifying particles in the PET limits the outlets for recycling and advises manufacturers to use transparent PET when possible.
PET trays are also interesting for recycling. HDPE (high-density polyethene) and PP (polypropylene), two common packaging plastics, mainly use in the manufacture of tubes (61%). But can also find in a wide variety of products (watering cans, car seats, bins, pallets). According to the Elipso Plastic Packaging Federation, 57% of packaging manufacturers have incorporated recycled plastics into their packaging in 2017.

exporter granules

Buy Abs Color Granules in Tehran

Buy ABS color granules will have a major impact on reducing your costs. These plastic materials today produce in a variety of colours that used to make different types of products.

If you concentrate on the world around you, colors have an effective role in our lives. The objects in the world around us each have a characteristic color of their own, which sometimes uses as their identifier.

In addition, most goods buy and order by people based on their color. And what matters is the quality of its raw materials and its color for the production of new products.

There are so many plastic appliances in the corners of our lives today. We can not ignore the presence of plastic around us. For example, you are currently reading this text from a laptop, smartphone, tablet or computer, which if you notice, you will notice that more than 80% of it is made of plastic.

So you will appreciate the importance of colored granules for quality products. Colourful granules prepare in a variety of colors, and you will be able to choose the colour you want based on your product design.

Buy ABS color granules

Buy ABS color granules

The ABS granular color is one of the most widely used polymers that are commercially produced and sold. This polymer can be seen in a variety of colors in many of the objects around us. Objects such as phones, mobile phones, home appliances, car parts, etc. …

Buy ABS color granules

ABS color granules recycling

What matters in the recycling process of ABS is the heating and shredding process. As the granulation stage is, the temperature setting is very important, because the slightest mistake will cause thermal degradation as well as yellowish it. No carcinogenic element identify in this plastic, and it does not harm anyone’s health. In addition, the use of ABS granules has been growing in order to reduce the volume of waste and adjust the cost of goods.
It is noteworthy that ABS polymer is resistant and shockproof. This polymer is a family of engineering plastics and general plastics. Abs has milky colored granules, which use in a variety of colors to make use of pigments.

Buy ABS color granules

ABS color granular properties

• Good blow
• Good machining ability
•low price
• Stability in dimensions
• High stiffness
• Cold forming with heat …
• Change the color and properties against the sun’s rays
• High moisture absorption

Buy ABS color granules

Special applications of granular colored abs

• Build prototype models
• Enclosures and covers
• Components and holders
• Machine components
• Rollers
• welding and …

exporter granules

abs plastic granule price per kg in Iran

abs plastic granule is one of the widest use polymers commercially available in plastic granules. For example it consists of three parts of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, modified by the percentage of each monomer for a particular user.

Of course, it should be noted that more of It allocates it to polystyrene. Also, this polymer finds in the body of appliances such as phone, vacuum cleaner, tea maker and electrical appliances and vehicle parts.

ABS is one of the widest usage plastics. This plastic can be seen in all types of pipes to plastic sheets. The features of this plastic are high-performance, high-gloss and also insulating.

abs plastic granule

ABS plastic granule properties

ABS Plastic granules consist of three different monomers with different characteristics and result in the production of polymer with a good combination of thermal and electrical mechanical properties. The characteristics of each monomer include:
• Transparency
• Elderly
• polarity
Of course, the size of each monomer needs to balance to create the required properties. If the increase in the amount of one component can have a beneficial effect on the properties of that component, and the effect of the damage on the two other properties. For example, increasing the amount of butadiene enhances the impact resistance and decreases thermal resistance.

ABS Plastic granule

ABS plastic application

In many applications, ABS plastic granules produce by injection or blow moulding and extrusion. The main use of ABS is in the automotive industry and in the manufacture of body parts.
Other major uses include pipes and fittings is injectable parts such as Logo toys, phones, household appliances, and electric hand tools are other uses of this plastic.
Although, abs plastic granule has different types and grades. And extrusion is one of its most famous types. It is worth noting, however, that this type makes up of different MFIs. That each of which is suitable for a particular extrusion process. Such as sheet, film, thin-film extruded and so on.

abs plastic granule

ABS Plastic granule

Tips for recycling this material in Iran

The main processes of recovery ABS are heating and crushing. And it is very important to adjust the temperature when it granulate to avoid thermal degradation and yellowing.

One of the main problems involved in ABS recovery the high impact or impact polystyrene contamination. that it has a serious impact on the properties of recycled materials.  And If this mixture is impregnated with impurities, it will separate by salt water. In the world, electrostatic and foaming techniques use for high-resolution separation.

price of Sulfur Granules

sulphur price per ton granules exporters

To know the sulphur price per ton granules exporters is enough to accompany us by the end of this article. In this article we will introduce you to various sulfur and its applications.

Every year, the abundant quantities of export sulfur from our country’s oil and gas resources are being extracted. And also our country is one of the major producers of sulfur in the world. Because of Iran’s sulfur has a high quality and high purity. In addition to providing domestic supplies, some of it is exported abroad.

sulphur price per ton
sulphur granule

Application of sulfur granules

As you know, Sulfur is free and in combination, Although it consumes a lot but it mostly uses for the preparation of chemical compounds and intermediate products in the industrial cycle. Such that, the highest sulfur consumption in recent years has been in the agricultural industry. And also the provision of phosphate fertilizers. This element uses to lower the PH of agricultural soil and also produce sulfuric acid. It also commonly is used directly in matches, and also spraying fungi, spittoons and insecticides.

  • Sulfur in oil refining
  • Copper separation
  • And uranium refining
  • Organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Paints, paper and also pulp
  • Leather
  • Plating
  • Power plants
  • Sugar and sugar industries
  • Starch production
  • Synthetic fibres
  • Explosives
  • Pharmaceuticals And also disinfectants
  • Non-metallic materials
  • Foodstuffs
  • Soap industry
  • Detergents and also detergents
  • Batteries
  • synthetic rubber
  • Sulfuricides
  • Various chemicals as well as the source of bulk material (rubber drilling).
sulphur price per ton
sulphur granule

Targets sulphur price per ton granules

Currently, countries such as China, India, Pakistan, South and South-East Asia, Africa and some South American countries are among the most important export markets for Iranian sulfur, according to a study.

Types of sulfur granules

• Hunch
• Granule
• Powdered and uses
Sulfur, although more important than its derivative, is one of the most this elements of industrial raw materials. That is very important for every part of the industry. Sulfuric acid production is the most important use of sulfur. Therefore consumption of sulfuric acid is considered as an indicator for developed industrialized societies.

Sulfur prices vary by type (granular, husk, etc.), colour and processing, and up to $ 350 / tonne traded on the world market sharp fluctuations in world prices of sulfur, affecting by oil and gas prices.

sulphur price per ton

Characteristics of commercial sulphur granule

Sulfur is a non-metal, tasteless and multi-capacity neoplasm which most commonly known as yellow crystals in sulfide and sulfate minerals.
Sulfur is an important element for all living organisms. For Examoel, the presence of sulfur in the structure of amino acids and proteins. It uses primarily in Iran’s but is also widely used in gunpowder, laxatives, matches and insecticides.

sulphur granules

Price sell Sulphur granules supplier in iran

Sulphur granules supplier in Iran is one of the most important industry. therefore a large amount of Iran’s oil and gas resources use annually to produce sulfur.

Iran’s sulfur has very good quality, high purity and very little ash. As well as, in addition to supplying the needs of domestic industries, the bulk (granola and hunk) are also exported abroad.

Sulphur granules supplier

Applications of sulfur granules

Sulfur is a free and complex combination of many uses. But it’s mostly used to make chemical compounds and intermediate products in the industry cycle.
This element has always been used by the agricultural industry and phosphate production over the past years.

  • The Sulfur element uses to produce matches
  • For rubber welding
  • Mushroom breaks
  • Disinfectants
  • And fertilizer
  • Preparation of sulfuric acid
  •  Make several types of paper
  • Bleaching agent
  • And also insulation

Also, One of the technical points of sulfur granules is the reduction of the alkali properties of calcareous soils. It should be noted that plants absorb sulfur granules through the root.

Other things that can say about sulfur granules are the physical and chemical improvements to the soil. This will increase the soil’s efficiency in absorbing the elements in the soil.

Granular sulfur is one of the products of Iran’s petrochemical industry. In terms of exports, Iran’s granule is one of the best-selling sulfur granules in commercial markets.

Sulphur granules supplier

The Importance of Sulfur in Human Life

  • Oil production and the improvement of the quality of fruit and edible plants
  •  Enhancement and soil richness
  • Plant resistance to diseases, dryness and cold
  •  Sulfur in the human body for healthy skin, nails and hair
  • And also to balance oxygen
  •  And the effect on the correct functioning of the brain.
sulphur granules supplier

Why product of Iranian sulfur granules supplier

Production of Iran’s Sulphur granules supplier comprises more than half of the petrochemicals business. This product creates for the purpose of creating a change in the system of production of agricultural products. And also by removing contaminants and producing sulfur granules has improved the agricultural industry.

Therefore, the process of training is a process by which molten sulfur turns into granular grains with specific characteristics.

sulphur granules supplier

Methods of producing Sulphur granules supplier

In general, there are three main methods for producing sulfur:

  • Sulfur production from elemental sulfur deposits in the Frash method, because of sulfur extracte from sulfur calcareous sediments.
  •  The production of sulfur from H2S, mainly from natural gas, refinery gas, synthesis gas and exhaust gases in coke production.
  •  And Also Sulfur production of pyrite. In the absence of air, sulfur and iron, sulfide obtain from the melt.

recycled plastic granules

buy and uses LDPE granules in industries

uses LDPE granules in the industry can easily be seen in the world around them. Today, the green polymer Plan is also being introduced to the healthy life of the world.

Ldpe stands for “low-density polyethylene“. Polyethylene can be produced by low pressure or high pressure. The low-pressure method produces HDPE (high-density polyethene), while the high-pressure method produces LDPE

uses ldpe granules

Characteristic uses LDPE granules in industries

  •  The LDPE structure contains irregular polymer chains. Therefore, they
  • The plastic is optimally strong and flexible

The LDPE granule is a type of polyethene that polyethene in many applications. This kind of the polymer use more than its hard type due to its hard but flexible nature.

uses ldpe granules

Physical and chemical properties of LDPE are as follows:

  •  Its densityis 0.915 – 1.13 g / cm.
  • Flexible and has a specific gravity of 0.92.
  • Its tensile strength is 8 to 12 MPa.
  • Crystallization capacity is low, which is about 50-60%.
  • The melting point of LDPE is 275 degrees F (115 to 135 degrees Celsius).
  • Semitransparent or translucent
  • flammable
  • It is not resistant to sterilization by heat.
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals, as well as constant changes in tempo
  • This material can use to store food because all food storage guidelines are metrature.

Advantages of LDPE

  • Due to its low costs, it helps lower the price of the final product.
  • These materials can recycle and therefore reused.
  • These are lattice products, so they are very suitable for slider surfaces.
uses ldpe granules

Products and Applications

  • Packaging membranes or plastic made from LDPE. It is one of the largest LDPE markets.
  • To make dishes, trays, shampoo bottles, compressible bottles, and aeration drink remnants.
  • Carrier bags use to carry purchased items, dry cleaner bags and portable bags.
  • LDPE also use to build slides and gadgets.
  • Very soft and flexible parts such as a snap
  • packing computer hardware, such as hard disk drives, onboard cards, and gaming drives
recycled plastic granules

Price WPC granules suppliers in Iran

Price WPC granules are unique because of the unique features it offers. WPC (wood plastic composite)use in a wide variety of applications. The products manufactured from these composites use in different parts of the building, decoration and rooftop garden, rail traversing, shipbuilding (deck), window frames, etc.

 WPC (Wood Plast composite) is a combination of a natural polymer and an artificial polymer, due to its high resistance to colour variation and its lightweight, its current use is more to the case of decoration, yard flooring, building facade and roof garden(Roof Garden).

Since plastic composite is a combination of natural wood fibres, it is the most important and most elemental constituent of it and plastic materials with some lower percentages than wood. Therefore, the desired properties of the consumer, such as :

price WPC granule
  • Fire resistance (non-ignition and friction)
  • Suitable sound insulation, the strength and fragility of the ease
  • High UV-resistance (lack of colour)
  • High resistance Against various climatic conditions
  • The ability to knock and jigsaw
  • Resistant to vermin rodents as well as algae
  • mushrooms
  • Parasites
  • Anti-corrosion and decay,
  • and most importantly easy installation. Therefore, past wood can consider an appropriate alternative to wood.
price WPC granule

WPC granule Features

  • The final formulation by the extrusion process not only maximizes the efficiency of the use of resources but also allows the manufacturer to provide a better product at each stage of bonding, tightening and strengthening.
  • Price WPC granules are very economic brcouse it does not require further processing and processing after production.
  • Unlike other wooden productsthat need to be replaced for outdoor use, these products are resistant towater, mildew and air, and are a good alternative.
  • Wood plastics can be made of plastic products that are both high-performance and nature-friendly.

Wood plasters can use in all suitable and cost-effective alternatives to wood, for example, they can use in the manufacture of furniture frames, furniture and other decorative products. In addition to producing many plastic products such as window frames, Cable trunks and roof design also make use of them.

price WPC granules

price WPC granules and environment

Due to the increasing pressure on the industry to further improve recycling, WPCs have been widely welcomed. The purpose of using recycled products is to use raw materials used in products with a short lifespan in products with a long lifespan.

Consumers of plastic products need to reduce their dependence on petrochemicals due to the continuous rise in Price WPC granules.

In addition, wood users are also required to recycle wood waste in order to avoid unnecessary cutting of trees. Therefore, the production of wood plast can improve wood utilization by using wood waste up to 40%.

[rice WPC granules

WPC products applications

  •  Framework and components in
  • External vertical and horizontal coatings
  •  Framework and window components
  •  Flooring and fence
  •  cornice
  •  Stairs and fences
  • Covering the cabinet
  • Decorating the ceiling and the wall
  • Prefabricated floors
  • categorizing
  • Cable trunk
  • shield
  • Furniture and garden architecture
  • Kitchen cabinets and cabinets
  • office furniture
  • Soundproof coatings

wpc granule

Selling WPC granule in China market

WPC granule is, in fact, the acronym for plastic composite. These materials include a large number of composite materials that can use in various types of plastics such as proline andPVC. And they also use to connect them to a variety of modes, such as wood flour or linen fibres.

Not only can this material be used as a substitute for traditional wood composite samples, it also provides a new generation of high-performance products.

One of the benefits of these products is that they consume since wood can sawdust or even waste of other wood products, there is no need to use new wood resources to produce them. Wooden waste, which has so far been costly to eliminate it, can today be a good source for one of the best wooden composite products. Also, recycled plastics from batteries and plastic bags are also a good source for using more conventional plastics.

wpc granule

Benefits of Selling wpc granule

  • The final formulation by the extrusion process not only maximizes the efficiency of the use of resources but also allows the manufacturer to provide a better product at each stage of bonding, tightening and strengthening.
  •  WoodPlast is a product that does not require further processing and processing after production.
  • Unlike other wooden products that need to replac for outdoor use, these products are resistant to water, mildew and air, and are a good alternative.
  • Wood plastics can be made of plastic products that are both high-performance and nature-friendly.
  • Plank timber can use in all suitable and cost-effective substitutes for wood products, for example, in the manufacture of furniture frames, furniture and other decorative products. In addition to producing many plastic products such as window frames, Cable trunks and roof design also make use of them
wpc granule

Property of WPC

  • This combination of materials includes the best of wood and plastic properties.
  • In addition to inexpensive raw materials, these products help eliminate waste wood and plastics that are costly.
  • Their price and performance versus other common wood products, including MDF, PVC-U and wood, are suitable.
  • It is possible to manufacture and build them using traditional wood processing methods.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and designs.
  •  Recovered after use.

Generally, the wood boards include the following features

  • High-toughness and impact resistance.
  •  High stability against environmental changes(dimensional stability)
  •  Resistance to corruption.
  •  Excellent thermal properties.
  •  Low moisture absorption.
  • Wood frames and fire

Experience has shown that the behavior of WPCs is the same and, even in some circumstances, better than other wood products.

Fire tests usually contain two flammable and fire-fighting components, in which the level of fire, sustainability in burning and the rate of flame spread is investigated.

Most of the tests in this area in the United States and according to the ASTM standards are summarized in this section.

In general, the presence of plasticin products improves the efficiency of wood products against fire. For example, the use of PVC-U materials that have a good fire and flame retardant is overall WPC performance compared to pure wood.

recycled ldpe granules price

Recycled LDPE granules price in Iran

Recycled LDPE granules price can have a significant effect on the cost of producing a polyethene product. Therefore, it is very important for manufacturers of plastic products to request a price before buying it.
Iran is one of the major suppliers of polyethene raw materials. And LDPE Granule is also one of the best types of petrochemical products that sale to different countries every year.
But the question arises as to how much we can depend on the petrochemical industry to produce the plastic we need. Or, as the plastic material decomposes now, it takes hundreds of years, what will be the cost of disposable plastic products?
At best, we will say that we are collecting and burning discarded polyethene products. But this will also be a concern for environmental activists. And in fact, it should note that the burning of plastic materials makes a lot of environmental pollutants.
Therefore, taking into account all of these issues, the company has started to produce and sell various types of LDPE reclaimed Granule.

recycled ldpe granules price

Application of recycled LDPE granules in daily life

Recycled LDPE granule use because of its style to produce many products in the world around it. Granules are present at all points in our life. As:

  •  Types of kitchen appliances
  •  Furniture industry
  • Computer parts
  •  Types of technology
  •  Building
  •  Agriculture
  • Etc
    LDPE is a commonly used polyethene element, which has many applications in the industrial world today. In addition to LDPE, polyethene has another element called HDPE, which is a heavy element.

Recycled ldpe granules price

Determining the Recycled LDPE granules price

  •  High concentration of molecular structure makes the polymer more flexible. Therefore, the chamber is suitable for making soft and curvilinear grooves.
  •  It has a tensile strength but is more flexible.
  •  Recycled LDPE granules have a high compressive strength, high flexibility and flexibility.

Plastic granules are small pellets made of plastic that are poured into various plastic forming machines and converted into various types of parts.
The plastic forming machine system (including all types of extrusion and injection lines, etc.) make in such a way that their inlet materials are better in the form of small plastic balloons.

recycled ldpe granules price

Recycled granule production lines

  •  Lines for the production of threaded granules
  •  Dry granule production lines
    Recycled plastic materials that mould and have a slab or sharp corners cannot easily use in the hinges of the devices, and the mixing time is always uneven due to the lack of uniformity in their size with other materials.
    Consumers of these materials, therefore, prefer to buy their materials, such as new materials, in granules or small plastic balloons, which is done linearly in the name of the granular production line.