polypropylene black granules

Sale of polypropylene black granules

Polypropylene black granules is one of the most consumable plastics and is today widely used in various industries. Although, for a given weight, PP is slightly more expensive than PE (PE).
The combination of properties such as lightness, hardness, toughness, chemical resistance. And surface gloss caused a variety of products made from this material. One of the important properties of PP is its high stability against low thickness bending.

Polypropylene uses in a variety of fields, for example. In the automobile industry in the manufacture of door panels, interior decorations, butterflies, car covers, battery boxes and more. Most drinks are made from PP. most sachet and toys are also made from this polymer. approximately 10% of PP production is used in film making that is used in food packaging.

polypropylene black granules

Polypropylene black granules and its features

This non-toxic and odorless substance burns like a candle in a melting droplet like a wax, and burns with a little odorless flame. The combination of properties such as lightness, hardness, toughness, chemical resistance, and surface gloss caused a variety of products made from this material. One of the important properties of PP is its high stability against low thickness bending, (Polymeric nge plastic springs, which make it possible to produce very varied pieces.

In addition, the polymer produced from propylene monomer is typically resistant to chemical solvents, acids and alkalis. The code for this polymer is.

The commercialized iPP has a variety of features that make it widespread, especially in the plastic and fiber industries. One of the most important characteristics of this substance is the lack of absorption of moisture in polymers such as polyamides, which makes it an ideal choice for many applications.

Compared to other polymers, polypropylene has distinctive and prominent characteristics:
The relatively cheap price of propylene monomer compared to other monomers of polymers
Low PP prices compared to other polymers.

polypropylene black granules

Specific weight and PP style

Flexibility and wide range of PP production with variable physical and chemical characteristics
Increase new applications and improve the properties of new production grades
Increasing the use of PP in medical equipment and the development of specialist PPs
Increase PP consumption as an alloy with other polymers
Replacing Polymers such as PS, PE and so on.

polypropylene black granules


Resistance to tensile strength, low density, colorlessness, hardness, acid resistance, openness and solvents, is one of the characteristics of PP polypropylene. Its low cost of production compared with other thermoplastics has created a special place for PP polypropylene in the industry.

Polypropylene grades:


The second is the use of PP in this category. Which is used in the production of fibers used behind the carpet and Zilu, as an alternative to cinematous fibers and hemp in carpet and sewing threads, non-woven fibers, and clothing for thermal and cold insulation.

Sheet / Film:

This part of the use of PPP has grown considerably in recent years. Confectionery and chocolate packaging industries, cigarettes, graphic and print films, heat-sealed food packaging slips.

Blow Molding:

This type uses to produce bottles and cans.


Types of sewage pipes and Ego and all types of wire and cable are products of this group of polypropylene.

polypropylene black granules

black pp granules

Extrusion Coating:

This part of the use of polypropylene PP gradually replaces the use of LDPE lightweight polyethylene
Polypropylene (PP) is a plastic that has a variety of applications in different parts as well as fibers. Melting point and higher service temperatures than other polymers have led to an ever-increasing expansion in their application to various components. On the other hand, their fibers are used for many applications. Such as carpeting around pools or miniaturized golf courses. Due to the acceptable strength and low absorption of rival nylon fibers.

PVC granules medical

Sell PVC granules medical grade

PVC granules medical are a special form of plastic molding. Which can be used in a variety of melting and plastic forming machines. Regarding the durability and physical properties of PVC granules, various types of fixtures. And fixtures are used in accordance with various production methods. That enhance or reduce some of its properties.

PVC granules medical grade

Recycle Divers and Convert To Granules

Today, with the development and development of the recyclable industry. Since the couplings are 100% complete and fully recyclable, using new technologies and techniques. The recycling of PVC makes it possible to return the waste cycle of this material to the stage of productivity and reuse. The inherent characteristics of the paverion are such that it can play its role in the production of a variety of products, either directly or in combination, after recycling.

PVC granules medical grade

Recycle potion of PVC granules medical

There are many ways to open waste today.
Mechanical Recycling:
This process is the common method of recycle recycling. In this type of recycling, after mechanical separation, removing impurities, grinding and washing. Or as a blend in the production of new products, after melting.

The hard type used in the manufacture of pipes and fittings, toys, doors and windows, gutters, gaskets, etc. One of the most important products that comes from the recycling of PVC is the water and sewage pipes. Which are used extensively in the industry. Especially the construction industry, due to their low prices and flexibility.
Among other diverse applications, other granular coils can be used to produce electrical wiring insulation coatings. Especially low voltage cables, which are widely used in copper, aluminum and optical fiber wires. As well as being cost-effective against abrasion, and soldering.

New technologies and new laboratory techniques have produced remarkable quality recyclable materials. This quality is so high that the products produced from its recycled materials. The first products, with the same standard and feature, play their part well.

PVC granules medical grade

Soft PVC Granule

PVC granules medical make up a wide range of polymeric polymer materials, which in their molecular structure, in addition to carbon and hydrogen, also contain chlorine atoms. This creates unique physical properties in these types of plastics. The temperature that releases these products during burning is lower than that of other plastics. Which makes it more difficult to spread the fire. Other features of PVC are higher density and harder than other plastic types.
This makes PVC products more durable and of high quality. And can be used in higher degradation environments. Along with all this, the availability and affordability of PVC has also increased its use in various products. The soft PVC granule forms a spectrum of PVC that is flexible.
Some applications of soft PVC granules

The raw material for wire and cable:

Due to the chemical and physical resistance and the PVC granules medical insulation properties in conducting electrical current. And temperature shocks create alternating tensile and compression forces. The thermal resistance of these plastics makes the wires and cables made from this polymer more resistant to soldering.

Raw materials Insoles and raw materials Slippers:

The shoe insoles are among the products that are in direct contact with the soil and materials contained therein. On the other hand, the insoles of the foot are exposed at any moment in stretching. Hence, the use of soft PVC granules to produce it can provide acceptable durability for shoes and prevent its early deterioration and deterioration. All of these properties make PVC granules an ideal starting material for slippers.

PVC granules medical

Raw materials for hoses:

The use of granules to produce hose types is necessary from several directions. Water (as the main substance that flows into the hose) or other chemical and pharmaceutical substances. Including soluble chemicals, which after a while can cause corrosion and rotting of the hose from the inside. On the other hand, hoses are usually exposed to direct sunlight. And should be resistant to cracking due to the need for flexibility. Hence, one of the granular applications is to use it as the primary material for hose types.

The raw material for car roofing:

Car flooring is an elastic plastic plate that covers the floor of the car and makes the car stay healthy and durable. These floors should have a high resistance to a variety of chemicals and given the fact that the cars

sell coke granules price per ton in Iran

Coke granules are the industrial material that is not used in lower weights than tons. Coke granule producers sell coke granule price per ton in Iran. Varied industries use Coke granules in their productions.

sell coke granules price per ton in Iran

Coke granules price for export from Iran

In large amount producer of Coke granules sell coke granules per ton in Iran. Also other countries buy coke granules in tons. So the Coke granules price per ton in Iran is more efficient. Even they are cheapest. Because the major issue that Iran is facing with that is Plastics. Based on Statistics Iran is the 5th most producer of plastics. So recycling plastics and giving them new life is the more important than their incomes. So producers decide to reduce coke granules price for export from Iran.


sell coke granules price per ton in Iran

Coke Granules Uses in Industries

The uses of coke granules are not personal. Although other types of granules that are helping human life style. Coke granules does not play a rule in Personal human lives. The only use of coke granules is for heating. But it is rarely. So the only reason that Factories sell coke granules per ton in Iran and they publish Coke granules price per ton. Industries and factories like Iron and Railway industries are using Coke granules as their fuel. Furnaces and Locomotives need Coke granules for their power. So it is necessary to buy coke granules in tons.

sell coke granules price per ton in Iran

Coke Granules superior to the rest

There are varied types of coke and fuels for industries. But there is a question. Why Coke granules are superior than other types? Because they have varied sizes and grades. Coke Granules are smaller. So flowing the air between the granules keep the fire warm. It is not a normal advantage of Coke granules. This is the best advantage that a substance as fuel can have it. The other advantage of Coke granules is that; they do not have a lot of dust. So it makes their usage easier than other fuels. They are durable and also they can be pressed into little shapes. They are uniformed. Also machines and furnaces that need coke granules as their power have less reduction.

Therefore, the best way to reduce machines harms and having benefitable uses of fuels is that Buy Granules from Factories which sell coke granules price per ton in Iran.

Sale of PVC Granulated Wood Plast Base

Sale of PVC Granulated Wood Plast Base

PVC Granulated wood Plast base is the most use granules in furnishing industry and also Other Industries. Because PVC granulated wood Plast has the appearance of wood and the features of Plastic. They are not too hard. Sale of PVC Granulated wood Plast base is now increasing. Because the people are getting familiar with this product that is usable in all industries that wood in involved. Using woods in all industries like home furnishing is fashion and usual. But the nature is going to be destroyed by over using from woods. So using PVC granulated wood Plast base is the best idea instead of using raw woods. Of course, PVC granulated wood Plast base needs wood flour. But it is not all the wood. So it helps nature to be alive.

polyvinyl chloride

PVC Granulated Wood Plast base introduction

PVC is polyvinyl chloride. A chemical polymer that is the polymerization of vinyl chloride PVC.
They have to types. One of them are flexible for wall covering and the other one is rigid in piping industry. PVC have a lot of uses in all applications. Most of their uses are in the construction and building. Factories Producing wall covers or floor covers from PVC. Also doors and windows are from PVC. Because of their flexibility and durability, people has welcomed this type of production too much. Also they are completely match with all colors.

Sale of PVC Granulated Wood Plast Base

PVC Granulated Wood plast base Exports

Absolutely all countries need to use These PVC Granulated Wood plast base for their needs too. So exports from Iran that have so progress in Polymer industry is increasing. Also they are pure and high quality. The destinations of exports are:
China is the biggest importer of PVC. There are About one hundred tones every year.

Sale of PVC Granulated Wood Plast Base

PVC Granulated Wood Plast base Productions

In Building and Construction industry, they are usable in Siding and Windows, Wiring and Cables, Water Pipes.
In Healthcare industry, they are usable in Packaging the medicines and drugs. Clear PVC is usable.
Household Producers are the most customers of PVC Granulated Wood Plast bases. So the most uses of PVC is in Household Products. The PVC household markets have economic boom. Because PVC household productions are durable and cheaper than wooden products. So they are a good replace of wood in home furnishing. The other reason of using PVC Products in home furnishing is that they are color able.

sell export plastic granules from iran

sell export plastic granules from iran

Iran is going to be the biggest Plastic exporters. There are many distributors that sell export plastic granules from Iran. Iran polymer factories export 60 percent of their plastic granules to Iraq. Also Iranian factories in Other countries expos like Russia and Uzbekistan played an important role. We will discuss about the importance of export plastic granules from Iran. Also we will count the advantages of export plastic granules.

sell export plastic granules from iran

Importance of Export Plastic Granules

Granules are not a specific polymer or something else. In fact, Granules are the type of polymers that have special little shapes. Plastic Granules cannot be used directly. The importers that decide to export Plastic granules from Iran. Using them in varied industries. Plastic Granules are made of recyclable plastics and nylons. So because they are recycled the purity of them is the most important thing.
Therefore, factories should be notice that washing the recyclable plastics are the most important thing before producing Plastic Granules.

As we said, Plastic Granules are not usable directly. Factories have to melt these granules and form them into their desirable plastics. Most of Export Plastic Granules are selling for floor covering and Toy Producing. They recognized that they are the best primary material for special parts of plastic toys that they are permitted. The importance of reusing export plastic granules is because of saving earth life. While new things are producing and Plastic granules in varied shapes are going to be in markets.

sell export plastic granules from iran

Export plastic granules Advantages

Less using plastics and no add a new plastic to the world is the biggest advantages of export plastic granules.
Most of people think these plastic granules does not have durability like the first day because they are recycled. But we should tell them that life span of Plastic is more than five hundred years. So they are durable as much as first day. Export Plastic granules is a win-win trade for both side of trades. Because the plastic is going from Iran and help the nature. While the primary substances and materials for companies that need plastic is provided. The purity of Plastic Granules in Iran is good. So importer should notice that quality of Plastic granules affects on quality of producing their products which no matters what type it is.

sell export plastic granules from iran

Conclusion of Export plastic granules

For The last word, All of Export Polymers productions included Plastic granules are producing from best recycled substances that the world should know about them and also use them in different factories. There are more than 8 countries that Factories sell export Plast granules from Iran to them.

polystyrene granules

sell or buy polystyrene granules supplier in iran

Polystyrene is an artificial polymer of styrene monomer (a petrochemical material), which has three typical, resistant and expandable types.
Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain chain of hydrocarbons in which carbon variable centers are connected to phenyl groups. It contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen elements.

Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain chain of hydrocarbons in which carbon variable centers are attached to phenyl groups. It contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen elements.
The properties of the substance are determined by the short-term absorption of the vanilla in the polymer chains. Since molecules are high-chain hydrocarbons that consist of thousands of atoms, the overall tensile strength of large molecules is large. When heated, the chains gain more consistency and stick around each other. This intermolecular flutter (in contrast to high inter-molecular strength due to hydrocarbon endurance) provides a flexible and elasticity to this material. The ability of the system to degrade it at temperatures higher than its glass transition temperature. To polystyrene  allows the system to easily be softened and gonacon forms when heated.

polystyrene granules

Classification of types of polystyrene granules

Polystyrene is divided into four types:

GPPS Polystyrene
Polypropylene GPPS, commonly used for general use, should usually have properties such as good heat resistance, good adhesion and fluidity during the process. These polystyrene have high dielectric properties and are therefore of great use in electrical applications.

A clear, lightweight polymer with the ability to maintain its appearance and electrical properties is highly desirable. Due to the clarity and ease of processability due to its amorphous structure, this material has high advantages over other polymer materials.

polystyrene granules


This type of polystyrene granules is used in the production of consumer utensils. Such as plates, glasses and cups, high-strength consumer goods. Such as home utensils and cans, for the production of single-use dishes, electronic equipment, watch cases, TVs, radios, sports goods, toys, insulators. Refrigeration in the refrigerator, freezer, and specialty packaging, such as compact disc boxes and thin and thin frames, special packaging containers for pharmaceutical substances, and so on. Due to its dielectric properties. It can also be used in electrical applications.

polystyrene granules

Polystyrene Resistant Poly HIPS

This type of polystyrene is a shock-resistant high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). Which is why it is used in the manufacture of dishes and home appliances.

The ordinary polystyrene granules is somewhat fragile. Although it can be achieved by adding some properties of materials such as polybutadiene to a desirable product. Due to the effect of intermolecular forces. These materials can not be mixed naturally. Although the addition of polybutadiene during the polymerization process leads to its chemical bonding with polystyrene and the production of a copolymer. Polybutadiene is thus included in the final composition. Which leads to the production of resistant polystyrene.

For the production of sports goods, toys, household appliances. It is also a great use of this material due to its high stability and easy process and colorability. Including the production of sporting goods, toys and refrigeration insulators in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. It has special applications in the processes of food industry, housebuilding, construction of dishes. And the body of appliances and coatings.
Expanded polystyrene EPS

This type of polystyrene is called “Expanded polystyrene” (EPS). A type of white polymer that is added to them as a foaming agent.

A lightweight thermoplastic that has low thermal conductivity, high resistance to fission and high absorption ability, has made it ideal for packaging and insulation in various industries.

polyethylene granules

Export of polyethylene granules f7000 of iran

Polyethylene granules are from the group of thermoplastics that are obtained by polymerization of ethylene gas (C2H4). High-density polyethylene is called HDPE or heavy polyethylene. Due to the density of the molecular chain in heavy polyethylene, its density is high and therefore their flexibility is low.

Therefore, the impact strength in heavy Polyethylene granules is less than that of light polyethylene, but its resistance to chemicals And also good brittle stresses. The most commonly used F7000 Grid is disposable gloves, freezer bags, food and fruit bags, garbage bags, medical gowns.

polyethylene granules

Polyethylene granules (PE)

Polyethylene granules are a family of thermoplastics that are produced by polymerization of ethylene gas (C2H4). Through the catalyst and polymerization method, it can control various properties such as density, MFI flow, crystallinity, degree of branching and grid, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. Low molecular weight polymers are used as lubricants. The polymers of the average molecular weight of the waxes are fused with paraffin. and finally, polymers with a molecular weight greater than 6000 in the plastic industry account for the largest volume of consumption. Polyethylene contains a very simple structure, which is simpler than all commercial polymers. A high molecular weight polyethylene molecule of carbon atoms is attached to each carbon atom of two hydrogen atoms.

If you want to blow film films, low-density colognes and special applications, the best option is the material: Heavy Duty Polyethylene 7000 (HDPE).
These films, which are typically “dry” and “shockproof”, are categorized into “Nexle” films in terms of thickness range in lower classifications.
Some of the mechanical properties of the Nyksx are lower than the nylon in the lower range. There are a number of other behaviors (the ability to produce very thin film, the number in kilograms, the addition of less And …) are the main reasons for its high demand in the consumer market of the country.

polyethylene granules

The main uses of Nexics films are:

  •  Bags of fruit and food
  •  Freezer bags
  •  Disposable tableware
  • Disposable gloves
  • Trash cans
  •  Dental crochet

polyethylene granules


The cellophane is nickname for transparent film and glass based on polypropylene. Which after melting out the mold of the device with the help of water flowing into amorphous state.
The cellophane films are in their glassy environment and, therefore, exhibit a fragile and robust behavior.
On the other hand, the higher melting temperature of this film than nylon and nylon, has increased its applicability in the upper range of temperature.
At a glance, one has to say that each of the nylon, nellox, and cellphone films have their own applications, and none of them can take another place.

polyethylene granules

The main applications of the film are:

  •  Packaging of food and dried fruits and flowers
  •  Transparent transparent packaging
  •  Home and Restaurant Table Coverings
  • Autoclaves for hospital waste
  •  Covering books and pamphlets
  •  And….

polyethylene granules

Garbage bag:

Trash bags design for the transport of household and industrial waste.
This product is manufactured according to the market order in a variety of soldering, cross-sectional and thick sizes, and it is consumed daily on the market.
Trash bags are typically based on “heavy polyethylene” and are therefore nylactic.
Note: It is important that a product designed as a waste bag should not be used for other purposes. Such as the transport of health and food products or ….
The most important mechanical properties for using garbage bags are their resistance to tear, rupture and impaction.
Because waste removal is an undesirable phenomenon. It is necessary to avoid this event by reinforcing the mechanical properties of waste bags.

polyethylene granules

Freezer bags:

For the packaging and maintenance of such foods, meat, vegetables, legumes … at low temperatures, we need frozen bags.
Typical freezer bags have a thickness of about 20-5 microns and they are of the type Neelyx. The method of producing the freezer bags is also Blown Film. The film produced after the sewing and cutting in the optimal size goes to the consumer market.
It is important to note that the production, and completion of freeze bags should be carried out in health. And sanitary environments and its polymer materials are also “food grade”.
In addition, none of the additives used to produce films should be included in the formulation of this product.
The small size of this product does not require special mechanical properties. But it is important to control the dimensions (length, width and thickness) and the health of the raw materials.

granules urea

Sell granules urea price fob iran

Granules urea is the most important N fertilizer in the world. This fertilizer is produced from ammonia blend with carbon dioxide. The product is initially concentrated in liquid form, after the condensation and separation of water and passing through the granular tower in the form of white beans for pouring by conveyor belt to the product packaging unit.

granules urea

Mechanism of urea granule

Urea Granules are chemically similar to urea pyrils, however, a bit bigger and harder.
More than 90% of the world’s urea production is for use as nitrogen-containing fertilizers. In general applications, urea has the highest nitrogen content among all N fertilizer (46.7%). Accordingly, urea brings the lowest shipping costs per unit of nitrogen supply.

Urea is hydrolyzed in soil and converted to ammonia and carbon dioxide. The ammonia produced by this process is oxidized by bacteria in the soil to the nitrate, and thus can be absorbed by the plant. Urea also use in many cases in multi-ingredient formulation of solid fertilizers. Since urea is highly soluble in water, it is also very suitable for use in fertilizer solutions, for example in foliar feed ‘fertilizers’ For a leaf ‘. In the application of fertilizers, the granular form of fertilizer is preferable to the shape of the prills of its prills, because it is easier to distribute and diffuse the granular size due to the finer size of the particles, and this is a bonus for the mechanical program.

Urea typically ranges from 40 to 300 kilograms per hectare [on agricultural land], but in general it varies. In smaller applications, the amount of waste and loss due to washing is lower. During the summer, urea often spread directly before or during irrigation (rain), to minimize evaporation loss (a process in which nitrogen disappears as atmospheric ammonia gas). Urea is not compatible with other fertilizers.

granules urea

Application of urea granule

In the case of cottonseed and cereal seeds, urea usually use at the time of the last cultivation and just before the planting stage. In areas where rainfall is high in those areas and also in sandy soils or when a good rainfall season expecte, it is possible to use urea during the growing season to cover the edges or highlands of agricultural land used. Covering highlands with urea is also popular and popular in the pastures and lands of forage forage products. In the case of cane cultivation, urea use to cover the edges and after planting the crop. This method also use for all similar sugar cane products, such as rhizome ratoon.

In irrigation of crops, urea can add to the soil dry. Or used as a solution and through irrigation water. Its urea is easily soluble in water, but if its concentration increases, its dissolution in water becomes increasingly difficult. The process of dissolving urea in water is an endometrial process that decreases the solution temperature when urea dissolves.

granules urea

Chemical industry

Urea is an essential ingredient for many chemical compounds, such as:
Types of plastics, in particular formaldehyde resins of urea.
Types of adhesives, such as urea formaldehyde and urea melamine formaldehyde, which use in the manufacture of water-based plywood.
Potassium cyanide, as the starting material of some industries.
Urea nitrate, an explosive type.

granules urea

Automotive systems

Urea use in SNCR and SCR reactions to reduce NO pollutants present in combustion gases. For example, gases that come from power plants or from diesel engines. In the case of diesel engines, this process call the Diesel Particle Recovery Filter. For BlueTec systems, for example, injection of water-soluble urea use to exhaust system. Ammonia from the process of decomposition of urea reacts with nitrogen oxide and converte into nitrogen. And water by a catalytic converter.

nylon granules

Sale of nylon granules for exporting bags

Nylon granules is a polyamide type. And is one of the most widely used polymers in the public.
Nylon is a kind of thermoplastic made of soft materials. The first commercial use of nylon was to brush toothbrushes and stockings. It is the first successful polymer in the trade.
Nylon 6 and nylon 6.6 are the most important polyamides that also use in the textile industry and in carpet production.

nylon granules

Nylon granules

Polyamide is a polyamide type. And it is one of the most widely use polymers in the public.
Nylon is a kind of thermoplastic made of soft materials. The first commercial use of nylon was to brush toothbrushes and stockings. This is the first successful polymer in the trade.
Nylon 6 and nylon 6.6 are the most important polyamides that also use in the textile industry and in carpet and carpet production. So let’s introduce their properties.

nylon granules

Nylon 6

The Nylon 6 or poly-caprolactam was produced when improving nylon properties 66. It is a semi-crystalline polyamide. Unlike other nylons and nylon 66, nylon 6 is a condensation polymer that makes it different from other nylons.


The nylon 6 features can be hard to see, high tensile strength, brightness and elasticity (appropriate elasticity). Nylon 6 is also resistant to chemicals such as acids and alkalis, wear and wrinkles.
Nylon 6 is used in the production of lime, for the production of resin and film production. Today, due to its high strength, more applications have been made to use nylon 6. Including for manufacturing parts in the automotive industry (such as gears, fittings, bearings) and …
Nylon 6 is used as a toothbrush, surgical suture, wire for acoustic and classical instruments such as guitar, violin, cello, and so on. It is also used in the manufacture of all kinds of ropes, strings, tire cables and … and also in socks and knitted garments.

nylon granules

This semi-crystalline polyamide has a tensile strength, elasticity, anti-wrinkle, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance against acids and openings. Good color reproduction is one of the most prominent features of this polymer. Nylon 6 has good hydraulic stability, low cost of production and production, and has a very good performance in thermal tests than nylon 6.6. Nylon 6 use in the aircraft and automobile industry, tour manufacturing, consumer goods and industry, rope, clothing, musical instruments (tar, three voices), electronic and electrical industries.

nylon granules

The Nylon 66


Nylon 6.6 produce for textile and fiber production, and the remainder use to produce resins.
Due to its 3-D structure, nylon 6.6 has high mechanical strength, strength, good thermal stability and chemical resistance.
And because of the high melting point, the thermal resistance to nylon 6 has abrasion resistance, high strength and stability. In the manufacture of car parts, airbags, garments, carpets, cd’s, gears, bearings, electrical insulation and so on. High water absorption and low chemical resistance are the disadvantages of this polyamide grade. Polyamide products 6.6 are used as injection molding for the manufacture of pipes, profiles, hoses, and automatic machines. to increase the hardness, thermal and thermal resistance and … this polyamide can be used in glass fiber.

nylon granules

The feature of polyamides or nylons

The degree of crystallinity has a significant impact on the range of melting of crystals and the absorption of moisture by polyamides. Increasing the percentage of crystallite increases chemical resistance against acid and open, strength and abrasion resistance, the amount of stress in the substrate, the increase in the melting temperature and the applied temperature range, and vice versa, reduces the isolation property, time, dielectric coefficient, transparency (matte Becoming) and the tendency to absorb moisture (due to the reduction of vacant spaces in amid chains).
Nylon absorbs more moisture than other polymers. Moisture has a significant impact on physical properties and dimensional stability.

Mostly nylon reinforcement on its base resin with glass fiber or carbon improves tensile and flexural strength, which is comparable to some cast alloys. Adding carbon fiber to nylon 6.6 will increase the tensile strength and increase the bending force. This agent also improves thermal, electrical and abrasion resistance.
Polyamides usually identifie with a number that represents the number of carbon atoms in the primary amino acids (nylon 6), or the number of carbon atoms in the diamino and dioxide (nylon 6.6).

wood plastic granules

Sales price of wood plastic granules in Iran

Recent advances in the manufacture of wood plastic granules injection molding compounds have significantly contributed to the quality and compatibility and the ability of these materials to be environmentally friendly.
Plastic wood can only compare with its natural competitor, Wood. Because the other building materials are almost unlike the beauty and warmth of the wood. There is no other coating that can have the beauty and warmth and properties of natural wood other than plastic wood.
In the manufacture of plastic wood, natural wood look is used. Which creates warmth and special beauty. Plastic wood with its plastic in itself, and its warm and beautiful warm feel, has a very high durability compared to wood.

wood plastic granules

Injection wood pellet

Recent advances in the manufacture of plastic injection molding compounds have significantly contributed to the quality and compatibility and the ability of these materials to be environmentally friendly. In fact, the latest generation of WPCs can implement through traditional injection molding equipment with at least settings for processing settings and no physical hardware changes. However, these materials have some processing characteristics that differ from familiar molding resins.
Plast wood can divide into various types of plastic. Such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. Additionally, Pulp Wood Injection Granules are among the emerging products. That can be called “thermoplastic biological compounds”. In addition, these biocompatible compounds can be from other natural fibers. Such as rice stems, fiber waste or flax to use.

wood plastic granules

Among the advantages of the wood pellet granules are plastia

  •  Adjustable and injected like all types of polymers.
  •  Appearance like wood and 100% waterproof.
  •  Absolutely insulating electricity.
  •  Low prices for materials.
  •  Ability to comply with all food standards.
  •  environment lover.
  •  Low weight compared to similar products.
  •  100% recyclable and back to production cycle.

 wood plastic granules

What is wood plastic granules

wood plastic granules composite, now called wpc, is a composite of  materials. Such as natural wood fibers, plastics and thermoplastics, and special types of flour. Polywood wood wood is a very new type of product in this category. Its production is used in two parts of the material. in the wood sector, raw materials, such as pulp, peanut shell, bamboo, straw and in the plastic sector are used from polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene.
These materials, after mixing in extruded machines, form a solid paste that is the primary material of this composite. After the formation of this basic material and the preparation of the profiles and sections required. Each type of resin and compound materials are added to them, and at the last stage, these materials are formed in molds and dried.

wood plastic granules

Among the advantages of these composites are:

  •  100% waterproof and moisture
  •  Full insulation of any radiation and radio magnetic waves, sound, heat and cold
  •  Antibacterial, resistant to the absorption and penetration of any type of microbes and bacteria, resistant to the penetration of any acid, fluids and lipids.
  •  With minimal expansion and contraction under different climatic conditions
  •  Non-flammable and fire-resistant, the impossibility of any kind of connection and ignition
  •  Has a minimum shelf-life of 30 years without any deformation, fracture resistance and change of appearance
  •  Fully washable and clean with a variety of cleaners and detergents
  •  Resistant to the penetration of insects and animals such as termites and mice
  •  100% recyclable and fully compatible with the environment, due to the combination of plastic and aluminum materials
  •  High resistance against impact and pressure of foreign bodies and also no cracking