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Sale of polypropylene black granules

Polypropylene black granules is one of the most consumable plastics and is today widely used in various industries. Although, for a given weight, PP is slightly more expensive than PE (PE). The combination of properties such as lightness, hardness, toughness, chemical resistance. And surface gloss caused a variety of products made from this material. One […]

Sell PVC granules medical grade

PVC granules medical are a special form of plastic molding. Which can be used in a variety of melting and plastic forming machines. Regarding the durability and physical properties of PVC granules, various types of fixtures. And fixtures are used in accordance with various production methods. That enhance or reduce some of its properties. Recycle […]

sell export plastic granules from iran

Iran is going to be the biggest Plastic exporters. There are many distributors that sell export plastic granules from Iran. Iran polymer factories export 60 percent of their plastic granules to Iraq. Also Iranian factories in Other countries expos like Russia and Uzbekistan played an important role. We will discuss about the importance of export […]

sell or buy polystyrene granules supplier in iran

Polystyrene is an artificial polymer of styrene monomer (a petrochemical material), which has three typical, resistant and expandable types. Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain chain of hydrocarbons in which carbon variable centers are connected to phenyl groups. It contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen elements. Polystyrene Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain chain of hydrocarbons […]

Export of polyethylene granules f7000 of iran

Polyethylene granules are from the group of thermoplastics that are obtained by polymerization of ethylene gas (C2H4). High-density polyethylene is called HDPE or heavy polyethylene. Due to the density of the molecular chain in heavy polyethylene, its density is high and therefore their flexibility is low. Therefore, the impact strength in heavy Polyethylene granules is […]

Sell granules urea price fob iran

Granules urea is the most important N fertilizer in the world. This fertilizer is produced from ammonia blend with carbon dioxide. The product is initially concentrated in liquid form, after the condensation and separation of water and passing through the granular tower in the form of white beans for pouring by conveyor belt to the […]

Sale of nylon granules for exporting bags

Nylon granules is a polyamide type. And is one of the most widely used polymers in the public. Nylon is a kind of thermoplastic made of soft materials. The first commercial use of nylon was to brush toothbrushes and stockings. It is the first successful polymer in the trade. Nylon 6 and nylon 6.6 are […]

Sales price of wood plastic granules in Iran

Recent advances in the manufacture of wood plastic granules injection molding compounds have significantly contributed to the quality and compatibility and the ability of these materials to be environmentally friendly. Plastic wood can only compare with its natural competitor, Wood. Because the other building materials are almost unlike the beauty and warmth of the wood. […]