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Lightweight polyethylene (ldpe granules petrochemicals ) is commonly used in the production of various types of plastic materials. Polyethylenes of 209 and 020 are from this category of materials. That produce nylon-niloxes-the production of small-sized polyethylene pipes-the production of a type bar for drip irrigation-the production of various types of polyethylene and more. used.

A family of thermoplastics obtain by polymerization of ethylene gas (C2H4). Low molecular weight polymers use as lubricants. The polymers of the average molecular weight of the waxes fuse with paraffin. And also finally, polymers with a molecular weight greater than 6000 in the plastic industry account for the largest volume of consumption. Polyethylene contains a very simple structure, which is simpler than all commercial polymers.

ldpe granules petrochemicals

Light polyethylene

Sometimes instead of hydrogen atoms in the molecule (PE). A long chain of ethylene to carbon atoms attache to them, polyethylene branch or low-density polyethylene (LDPE) say. Because its density due to occupy more volume, was reduced. In this type of polyethylene, the molecules of ethylene also are randomly attached to each other and poured into a very irregular shape.
Lightweight polyethylene (low density) is generally a softer polythene and has a lower crystallinity. This polymer usually present as globulin and is widely used in applications where transparency, neutrality, ease of processability, durability and good electrical properties are considered.

ldpe granules petrochemicals

Polyethylene Style 209

The grade of this product is about 0.9 and the packaging is 209 polyethylene bags in 25kg bags.
Light polyethylene
020 is also a subsidiary of the production of various types of nylon-made nylon-made plastic nylon containers and extra. The polyethylene is lightweight 020 and the degree of rhinestone of this product is about 2.3 and its packing is in 25 kg bags.
Polythene also is a film of polymer material in the group of thermoplastics. It uses for producing polyethylene pipes, making small containers, making household dishes, toys, wrapping electrical and telecommunication cables, films, various parts of cars, appliances Sports and labs and industrial parts.

ldpe granules petrochemicals

Polyethylene film style ldpe granules petrochemicals

Polyethylene low density (ldpe granules petrochemicals ) also is a polymer material and in the group of thermoplastics. Film style polyethylene has a branched chain.
LDPE chains can not bond well, with less intermolecular force and tensile strength.
It use to produce polyethylene pipes, to make small volume containers. To make household utensils, toys, electrical and telecommunication cables, films, various car parts, sports equipment and labs, and industrial parts.

Film style polyethylene also is usually stable, it needs to preheat for fire, almost no protection.
This polyethylene has branched chains, so LDPE chains can not bond well, with less intermolecular force and tensile strength. This type of polyethylene usually produce by radical polymerization.

The properties of this polymer are flexible and decompos by microorganisms. Polyethylene in terms of compactness, low and low-molecular low density is the same, increase its flexibility. This property makes more than fifty percent of production in film and sheet for use in coatings talcous transparent, Inserts closed Covers, covers and luggage. This kind of polymer also use to make plates like pressure bottles.
Other uses include lightweight polyethylene, insulating wires and cables, and paper overlays. Polyethylene was first synthesized accidentally by a German chemist.

ldpe granules petrochemicals


Material for producing polyethylene pipes, making small containers, making household utensils, toys, electrical and telecommunication wires, films, various car parts, sporting and laboratory equipment and industrial parts
Physical and chemical properties:
Density range: 0 910 -0.940, inactive at room temperature, between 80-95, is stable for a short time.

recycled plastic granules

buy and uses LDPE granules in industries

uses LDPE granules in the industry can easily be seen in the world around them. Today, the green polymer Plan is also being introduced to the healthy life of the world.

Ldpe stands for “low-density polyethylene“. Polyethylene can be produced by low pressure or high pressure. The low-pressure method produces HDPE (high-density polyethene), while the high-pressure method produces LDPE

uses ldpe granules

Characteristic uses LDPE granules in industries

  •  The LDPE structure contains irregular polymer chains. Therefore, they
  • The plastic is optimally strong and flexible

The LDPE granule is a type of polyethene that polyethene in many applications. This kind of the polymer use more than its hard type due to its hard but flexible nature.

uses ldpe granules

Physical and chemical properties of LDPE are as follows:

  •  Its densityis 0.915 – 1.13 g / cm.
  • Flexible and has a specific gravity of 0.92.
  • Its tensile strength is 8 to 12 MPa.
  • Crystallization capacity is low, which is about 50-60%.
  • The melting point of LDPE is 275 degrees F (115 to 135 degrees Celsius).
  • Semitransparent or translucent
  • flammable
  • It is not resistant to sterilization by heat.
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals, as well as constant changes in tempo
  • This material can use to store food because all food storage guidelines are metrature.

Advantages of LDPE

  • Due to its low costs, it helps lower the price of the final product.
  • These materials can recycle and therefore reused.
  • These are lattice products, so they are very suitable for slider surfaces.
uses ldpe granules

Products and Applications

  • Packaging membranes or plastic made from LDPE. It is one of the largest LDPE markets.
  • To make dishes, trays, shampoo bottles, compressible bottles, and aeration drink remnants.
  • Carrier bags use to carry purchased items, dry cleaner bags and portable bags.
  • LDPE also use to build slides and gadgets.
  • Very soft and flexible parts such as a snap
  • packing computer hardware, such as hard disk drives, onboard cards, and gaming drives
recycled ldpe granules price

Recycled LDPE granules price in Iran

Recycled LDPE granules price can have a significant effect on the cost of producing a polyethene product. Therefore, it is very important for manufacturers of plastic products to request a price before buying it.
Iran is one of the major suppliers of polyethene raw materials. And LDPE Granule is also one of the best types of petrochemical products that sale to different countries every year.
But the question arises as to how much we can depend on the petrochemical industry to produce the plastic we need. Or, as the plastic material decomposes now, it takes hundreds of years, what will be the cost of disposable plastic products?
At best, we will say that we are collecting and burning discarded polyethene products. But this will also be a concern for environmental activists. And in fact, it should note that the burning of plastic materials makes a lot of environmental pollutants.
Therefore, taking into account all of these issues, the company has started to produce and sell various types of LDPE reclaimed Granule.

recycled ldpe granules price

Application of recycled LDPE granules in daily life

Recycled LDPE granule use because of its style to produce many products in the world around it. Granules are present at all points in our life. As:

  •  Types of kitchen appliances
  •  Furniture industry
  • Computer parts
  •  Types of technology
  •  Building
  •  Agriculture
  • Etc
    LDPE is a commonly used polyethene element, which has many applications in the industrial world today. In addition to LDPE, polyethene has another element called HDPE, which is a heavy element.

Recycled ldpe granules price

Determining the Recycled LDPE granules price

  •  High concentration of molecular structure makes the polymer more flexible. Therefore, the chamber is suitable for making soft and curvilinear grooves.
  •  It has a tensile strength but is more flexible.
  •  Recycled LDPE granules have a high compressive strength, high flexibility and flexibility.

Plastic granules are small pellets made of plastic that are poured into various plastic forming machines and converted into various types of parts.
The plastic forming machine system (including all types of extrusion and injection lines, etc.) make in such a way that their inlet materials are better in the form of small plastic balloons.

recycled ldpe granules price

Recycled granule production lines

  •  Lines for the production of threaded granules
  •  Dry granule production lines
    Recycled plastic materials that mould and have a slab or sharp corners cannot easily use in the hinges of the devices, and the mixing time is always uneven due to the lack of uniformity in their size with other materials.
    Consumers of these materials, therefore, prefer to buy their materials, such as new materials, in granules or small plastic balloons, which is done linearly in the name of the granular production line.
recycled ldpe granules price

LDPE film granules suppliers in iran

Mainly LDPE film granules use in more applications. Because, in addition to hardness, it is very transparent and flexible. And it can easily use in curve shapes.
In today’s world, plastics play a very important role in our lives. If we look a little bit carefully, we will see the presence of a variety of plastic products in even the smallest functional area around us.
But what have you thought of what will be the fate of the friable plastics?
Reports indicate that LDPE film granule has a very good resistance to acid and base oils. Hardness and flexibility and relative transparency make it suitable for packaging products and applications that need to be heated.

LPDE film granules

Applications of LDPE film granules

LDPE film widely uses for manufacturing

  •  Types of plastic containers
  •  Distribution of bottles
  •  Washable bottles
  • Tubes
  •  Plastic bags
  •  Computer components
  •  Some laboratory equipment

LDPE film granules

LDPE film granules use to produce a variety of thin and flexible products, such as plastic bags, and also packaging cups for drying foods such as sugar, tea and coffee.
Other LDPE applications also use to produce toys, club equipment, etc …
In the world, the rate of recycled products is increasing. So when LDPE is recycled, it will actually have another chance to live as another and more useful product. In other words, plastic changes from one type to another.

Types of new products from LDPE Recycled

  •  Mailboxes
  • recycling bins
  •  Flooring
  •  Framing frameworks
  •  Furniture manufacturing

Recycling LDPE and other types of plastics can help reduce environmental costs.
Recycling significantly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and can have better and better performance than waste disposal. It also prevents the spread of environmental pollutants.
Which is why it has become known as Green Polymer.

LDPE film granule

What is Recyclable

Plastic bags made of flexible membranes or plastic sheets. Plastic membranes often make of polyethene in a thickness of less than 10 mm. From this plastic make the dishes, food containers and bread containers.

The properties of this polymer are flexible and can decompose by microorganisms. Polyethene has low and low molecular density of low density, which also increases its flexibility.
This property has caused more than fifty per cent of the production of this product in the manufacture of film and sheet for use in the coating Transparent gold plated, packing linings, covers and luggage.
Also, this type of polymer is used to make dishes such as pressurized bottles.
Other polyethene consumption often is lightweight, wires, cables and paper insulating.
LPDE is one of the petrochemical products. And because of the oil-rich region, Iran is considered one of the major suppliers of this polymer. Which annually exports a significant amount of plastic moulds to other countries.