pet bottle granules

Recycled pet bottle granules

Recycled pet bottle granules price in Iran

The most common use of Recycled pet bottle granules plastics on the consumer products market are: PE, polyethylene: bags, bottles for detergents, toys, films and other packaging; PP, polypropylene, with very different uses: objects for furniture, containers for food, bottles for detergents and detergents, carpets, garden furniture; PVC, polyvinyl chloride: trays for eggs, films, tubes; […]

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buy or sell pet bottle granules iran

Buying or selling PET granules in Iran, which is the largest consumption in the production of bottles of soft drinks and mineral water. This product is supplied through the stock market and through the Tehran market to bottle manufacturers. Iran’s mineral water is the product that can be supplied to the world market. Therefore, the […]

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