sell recycled plastic granules in iran

Recycled plastic granules are used in plastic injection machines to produce various plastic parts. Plastic granules are generally available in three types of thermoplastics, thermoset and elastomer. Providing a variety of granules including ethylene vinyl acetate as elastomer. Polypropylene as thermoplastic and methyl methacrylate methyl as a thermoplastic polymer, is made by plastic granulator manufacturers. […]

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nylon granules

Nylon granules price per kg in iran

Nylon granules, a cube-shaped granules made of plastic. Provide a blasting medium with which burrs can be deburred or cleaned. And also you can use it, especially in the surface treatment of plastic parts. This blasting agent is in particular in demand by companies in medical technology, electronics and vehicle construction. You have questions about […]

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recycled plastic granules

Recycled plastic granule exporters in iran

One of the most important factors in the production of the Recycled plastic granule is the quality of this granule in the artistic industry. Because recycled granules process from other plastics. In determining the quality of recycled granules, recycling methods, type of washing, separation and separation, and even feed storage locations, all have a direct […]

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Coke granule

Coke granule for iron smelting industry

Metallurgical coke granule is a porous material uses in high furnaces and is one of the major uses of coke in the metallurgical industry. Coke in a long furnace has various roles in supplying energy and regenerating iron ores and creating porosity for the passage of reducing gases. In the furnace, coke also uses as […]

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urea 46 granular price iran

The price of urea granules is 46% Turkmen in Iran at Lotfabad border available in packages of 50kg. Urea granule is one of its major uses in the agricultural industry. This granule is hydrolyzed by active bacteria in ammonia to oxide nitrate This nitrate is an agent of absorption in plants, including other granules produced […]

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The price of the abs gray Granule

The price of granular abs, titled “Latin abs”, is available in gray and milky colors. Abs is one of the most expensive granules in the home appliance industry and furniture manufacturing. In the production of recycled granules, one of the most important features of the quality of feed materials and types of devices. One of […]

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