urea granule

Urea granules price per ton exporter

Urea granules fertilizer is white, odourless, easily soluble in water, 46 kg in 100kg. Nitrogen-containing fertilizer.

  •  Urea fertilizer is the highest level of nitrogen fertilizer among chemical fertilizers.
  •  High agricultural value.
  •  The plants are directly qualified as a source of plant nutrients and provide plenty of products.
  •  It has a less corrosive effect on agricultural tools.
  •  The unit is a fertilizer which is cheaper than Nitrogen.
  •  Urea fertilizer is applied to soil in various ways as irrigation water is applied or by spraying.

Urea granules

Advantages of urea granular fertilizer

  • Urea granules, due to the presence of 46% nitrogen and high decomposition, helps reduce shipping costs more than other dry nitrogen forms. Generally, urea produces more nitrogen at the lowest cost.
  • The urea improves the performance of other forms of nitrogen fertilizer.
  •  Urea reduces pollutant emissions.
  •  Urea, unlike nitrate, does not have the fire and explosion properties and is the storage of natural gas.
  • Note that you should not store urea granule with ammonium nitrate when you export it. Because these materials quickly absorb water when in contact.
  • You can use urea as a solid or soluble fertilizer or as a spray.
  • You can mix urea with hermetic acids.

urea granule

Five tips for using urea granules

  • Urea granules use:
    you can apply granular urea to corn, winter wheat, or any other small seed. However, this program should be in the cold seasons. In warm temperatures (60 ° F or higher), urea tends to have ammonia in contact with plant material.
  •  If you add urea to the grass in summer, you should use urea fertilizer that has high rainfall probability.
  •  Urea can also be used as a spray for some products, such as potatoes, wheat, vegetables and cobs. For many products, the amount of nitrogen at a time should not exceed 20 kg of nitrogen per hectare.
  •  For plants with acidic soil, urea is one of the most preferred fertilizers for acidic soil.
  •  To gardeners who have products like strawberries, blueberries and corn.
  • Currently, urea fertilizer is used for citrus and a lot of saffron in the country.

urea granule

Sulfur-coated phosphorus-reinforced urea ammonium sulfate fertilizer. It also is in granular form. The content of nitrogen is in the form of urea and ammonia nitrogen. In the form of ammonia, you can convert the nitrogen into a faster form than the urea and provides a rapid supply. Slow release. As it also is coated with sulfur, it prevents the losses caused by turning into urine or gas. Total sulfur content is 35%.

Thanks to the elemental sulfur in the structure, it helps to reduce soil pH and prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria. Phosphorus and zinc is reinforced so versatile feeding. Gives fruit and grain formation. It provides labor saving because it allows nitrogen and sulfur to be applied at once. The application is easy, the cost is low.

urea granules

urea granules specifications for selling

Urea granule is chemically similar to urea pyril. However, it’s a little bigger and harder. Today, using urea granules is more common. The reason is that the resistance to breakage is the time, it mix with other components of the fertilizer.

Urea fertilizer is the most important fertilizer in the world. This fertilizer produce from ammonia blend with carbon dioxide. The product is initially concentrated in liquid form, after the condensation and separation of water. And passing through the granular tower in the form of white beans for pouring by conveyor belt to the product packaging unit.

urea granules

Urea Granules in Agriculture

More than 90% of the world’s production of urea is for use as nitrogen-containing fertilizers. In general applications, urea granules have the highest nitrogen content among all nitrogen solid fertilizers (46.7%). Accordingly, urea brings the lowest shipping costs per unit of nitrogen supply.

Urea is hydrolyzed in the soil and converted to ammonia and carbon dioxide. Ammonia from this process oxidize by bacteria in the soil to the nitrate and thus you can absorb it by the plant. Urea is also, in many cases, used in multi-ingredient formulation of solid fertilizers.

Since urea is highly soluble in water, it is also very suitable for use in fertilizer solutions. In the application of fertilizers, the granular form of fertilizer is preferable to the shape of its prills. Because it is easier to distribute and propagate granules due to the finer particle size. And this is a bonus for the mechanical program.

urea granules

Packing of urea granules

Because urea absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and the surface of the air. So it usally store, typically sealed from a package or bag. Also, if you need to store it in bulk, you must cover it with a special fabric. We also recommend that store urea, as well as many other solid fertilizers, in a cool and dry place, where the ventilation is well done.

urea granules

Urea granule in chemical industry

Urea is an essential ingredient for the production of many chemical compounds, such as:

  •  Types of plastics, in particular urea formaldehyde resins.
  •  Types of adhesives, such as urea formaldehyde and urea melamine formaldehyde. Which you can use it in the manufacture of water-based plywood.
  •  Potassium cyanide, as the starting material of some industries.
  •  Nitrate urea, an explosive type.

you can purchase the commercial urea as a sticky or granular material. And larger granules are harder and more resistant to moisture. and also as a result, urea is a better and more suitable compound for granulation than fertilizers.