wood plastic granules

Sales price of wood plastic granules in Iran

Recent advances in the manufacture of wood plastic granules injection molding compounds have significantly contributed to the quality and compatibility and the ability of these materials to be environmentally friendly.
Plastic wood can only compare with its natural competitor, Wood. Because the other building materials are almost unlike the beauty and warmth of the wood. There is no other coating that can have the beauty and warmth and properties of natural wood other than plastic wood.
In the manufacture of plastic wood, natural wood look is used. Which creates warmth and special beauty. Plastic wood with its plastic in itself, and its warm and beautiful warm feel, has a very high durability compared to wood.

wood plastic granules

Injection wood pellet

Recent advances in the manufacture of plastic injection molding compounds have significantly contributed to the quality and compatibility and the ability of these materials to be environmentally friendly. In fact, the latest generation of WPCs can implement through traditional injection molding equipment with at least settings for processing settings and no physical hardware changes. However, these materials have some processing characteristics that differ from familiar molding resins.
Plast wood can divide into various types of plastic. Such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. Additionally, Pulp Wood Injection Granules are among the emerging products. That can be called “thermoplastic biological compounds”. In addition, these biocompatible compounds can be from other natural fibers. Such as rice stems, fiber waste or flax to use.

wood plastic granules

Among the advantages of the wood pellet granules are plastia

  •  Adjustable and injected like all types of polymers.
  •  Appearance like wood and 100% waterproof.
  •  Absolutely insulating electricity.
  •  Low prices for materials.
  •  Ability to comply with all food standards.
  •  environment lover.
  •  Low weight compared to similar products.
  •  100% recyclable and back to production cycle.

 wood plastic granules

What is wood plastic granules

wood plastic granules composite, now called wpc, is a composite of  materials. Such as natural wood fibers, plastics and thermoplastics, and special types of flour. Polywood wood wood is a very new type of product in this category. Its production is used in two parts of the material. in the wood sector, raw materials, such as pulp, peanut shell, bamboo, straw and in the plastic sector are used from polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene.
These materials, after mixing in extruded machines, form a solid paste that is the primary material of this composite. After the formation of this basic material and the preparation of the profiles and sections required. Each type of resin and compound materials are added to them, and at the last stage, these materials are formed in molds and dried.

wood plastic granules

Among the advantages of these composites are:

  •  100% waterproof and moisture
  •  Full insulation of any radiation and radio magnetic waves, sound, heat and cold
  •  Antibacterial, resistant to the absorption and penetration of any type of microbes and bacteria, resistant to the penetration of any acid, fluids and lipids.
  •  With minimal expansion and contraction under different climatic conditions
  •  Non-flammable and fire-resistant, the impossibility of any kind of connection and ignition
  •  Has a minimum shelf-life of 30 years without any deformation, fracture resistance and change of appearance
  •  Fully washable and clean with a variety of cleaners and detergents
  •  Resistant to the penetration of insects and animals such as termites and mice
  •  100% recyclable and fully compatible with the environment, due to the combination of plastic and aluminum materials
  •  High resistance against impact and pressure of foreign bodies and also no cracking
sell wood plastic granules in building

sell wood plastic granules in building

Wood plastic Granules are a composite that made from combination of wood flour and polymer materials. The most known polymer inside them is PVC. Also there are some other polymers like PE and PP. These granules have the appearance of Wood and Features of Plastics. Factories sell wood Plastic Granules in Building Constructions. Also they are useful for home furnishing or City Furnishing.

sell wood plastic granules in building

Wood Plastic Granules Products

There are too many factories that Produce Their productions from Wood Plastic Granules. It is economic and also Beautiful. Wood plastics are water resistance. So Factories can produce Bathroom stuffs or Pools stuffs with these Granules. Wood plastic Granules products are known as Poly wood. They are also similar to Resins like Epoxies and phenolic resins. Recently, a new handmade jewelry is pervasive. They are combination of resin and woods. They have a lot of fans in all over the world. There are a lot of shelves and stands made with Wood Plastic Granules. They are so beautiful. Also Wood plastics are good for floor covering. So recently Parquet producers are making Parquets with Wood Plastic Granules.

sell wood plastic granules in building

Wood Plastic Granules in industries

75 percent of Produced Wood Plastic Granule is using for Buildings industry, 8 percent for Cars industry and 7 percent are exclusive for sail and navigation industry. The remaining percentage is for other Industrial Functions.  These statistics are globally.

In building construction industry, they are usable for making:


  • Doors
  • windows
  • Parquets
  • fences


In Cars industry, Wood Plastic Granules are for producing:


  • Containers
  • Internal covering of cars
  • Refrigerated boxes for trucks


In sailing industry is good for producing Coastal docks. Because of their water resistance feature, they are usable for all places.

sell wood plastic granules in building

Wood Plastic Granule Features in Building

Factories use aluminum for producing doors and windows. Also they were not water resistance. So Doors and windows have corrosion. They were going to be unused inch meal. Now Wood Plastic Doors and windows are more efficient for bathrooms’ doors. Also They are usable in rainy climates. The other types of Building equipment like parquets are usual for many years. Their durability and beauty is the master key of their Boom. Using Parquets is Fashion and modern. So in new houses people use these type of Floor covering.