polypropylene black granules

Sale of polypropylene black granules

Polypropylene black granules is one of the most consumable plastics and is today widely used in various industries. Although, for a given weight, PP is slightly more expensive than PE (PE).
The combination of properties such as lightness, hardness, toughness, chemical resistance. And surface gloss caused a variety of products made from this material. One of the important properties of PP is its high stability against low thickness bending.

Polypropylene uses in a variety of fields, for example. In the automobile industry in the manufacture of door panels, interior decorations, butterflies, car covers, battery boxes and more. Most drinks are made from PP. most sachet and toys are also made from this polymer. approximately 10% of PP production is used in film making that is used in food packaging.

polypropylene black granules

Polypropylene black granules and its features

This non-toxic and odorless substance burns like a candle in a melting droplet like a wax, and burns with a little odorless flame. The combination of properties such as lightness, hardness, toughness, chemical resistance, and surface gloss caused a variety of products made from this material. One of the important properties of PP is its high stability against low thickness bending, (Polymeric nge plastic springs, which make it possible to produce very varied pieces.

In addition, the polymer produced from propylene monomer is typically resistant to chemical solvents, acids and alkalis. The code for this polymer is.

The commercialized iPP has a variety of features that make it widespread, especially in the plastic and fiber industries. One of the most important characteristics of this substance is the lack of absorption of moisture in polymers such as polyamides, which makes it an ideal choice for many applications.

Compared to other polymers, polypropylene has distinctive and prominent characteristics:
The relatively cheap price of propylene monomer compared to other monomers of polymers
Low PP prices compared to other polymers.

polypropylene black granules

Specific weight and PP style

Flexibility and wide range of PP production with variable physical and chemical characteristics
Increase new applications and improve the properties of new production grades
Increasing the use of PP in medical equipment and the development of specialist PPs
Increase PP consumption as an alloy with other polymers
Replacing Polymers such as PS, PE and so on.

polypropylene black granules


Resistance to tensile strength, low density, colorlessness, hardness, acid resistance, openness and solvents, is one of the characteristics of PP polypropylene. Its low cost of production compared with other thermoplastics has created a special place for PP polypropylene in the industry.

Polypropylene grades:


The second is the use of PP in this category. Which is used in the production of fibers used behind the carpet and Zilu, as an alternative to cinematous fibers and hemp in carpet and sewing threads, non-woven fibers, and clothing for thermal and cold insulation.

Sheet / Film:

This part of the use of PPP has grown considerably in recent years. Confectionery and chocolate packaging industries, cigarettes, graphic and print films, heat-sealed food packaging slips.

Blow Molding:

This type uses to produce bottles and cans.


Types of sewage pipes and Ego and all types of wire and cable are products of this group of polypropylene.

polypropylene black granules

black pp granules

Extrusion Coating:

This part of the use of polypropylene PP gradually replaces the use of LDPE lightweight polyethylene
Polypropylene (PP) is a plastic that has a variety of applications in different parts as well as fibers. Melting point and higher service temperatures than other polymers have led to an ever-increasing expansion in their application to various components. On the other hand, their fibers are used for many applications. Such as carpeting around pools or miniaturized golf courses. Due to the acceptable strength and low absorption of rival nylon fibers.

exporter granules

exporter granules for sale online from iran

exporter granules are not a specific polymer name. They are called granules in some form of polymer obtained in a petrochemicals, that are granular and must be melted and formulated for use and applications.
Or, in other words, plastic granules are small pellets of plastic that are poured into plastic injection molding machines and converted into various types of parts.

Which are found abundantly and annually added to several thousand tons. Also, the product produced by these machines is the basic material of many industries. Such as the production of various types of flooring, various reinforcements and alternatives in paints, asphalt, concrete. As well as the main fuel of the furnace, the raw material of rubber and the like.

Providing a homogeneous granule that does not reduce the quality of the product. And quality problem for the consumer is always one of the main concerns of the activists of the recycle industry.
Note: Some polymers retain their properties after several melting and molding. However, some of them, like polyvinyl chloride, which consume a lot in profiles, doors, windows, sheets, sheets, cables, household appliances, etc.. Lose their properties after recycling.

exporter granules

Recycled granules

Exporter granules production

The plastic forming machines manufacturer in such a way. That their input materials are preferably in the form of small plastic balls.

Recycled plastic materials that are grinding and have sharp shaped plates. Or corners not easily use in the hoppers of these devices. And the mixing time, due to the lack of uniformity in their size with other materials. Is always a non-uniform mixture.

exporter granules

What is polymer granulate?

In fact, when the polymer produce, and in the extruder’s head. A cutter or anything like that continuously interrupts the output polymer and the granule produce. All polymer materials can become granular depending on the application. And viscosity and other factors, such as polymerization and the like. However, if the polymerization conditions and other factors complicate, the polymer product as a powder or solution or ….

exporter granules

Granular production

The plastic forming machines manufacture in such a way. That their input materials are preferably in the form of small plastic balls.

Recycled plastic materials that are grinding and have sharp shaped plates. Or corners can not easily use in the hoppers of these devices, and the mixing time. Due to the lack of uniformity in their size with other materials, is always a non-uniform mixture.

Consumers of these materials, therefore, prefer to buy their materials. Such as new materials, in granules or small plastic balloons.


black pp granules

black pp granules buyers in Tehran

black pp granules is a partially crystalline thermoplastic polymer, which is obtained from the polymerization of propylene (or propane).
This is the mosted use for packaging our everyday products. Since it is considered the most environmentally friendly plastic and the most recommended for being in contact with food and cooking utensils.
Granules are the result of the plastic recycling process. By recovering plastic waste, we subject it to a rigorous process to be able to turn it into small plastic particles. Thanks to this we obtain different categories of granules such as Polypropylene Granules of Color or Black (PP) by injection.

black pp granules

Black pp Granules

Features of black pp granules

  •  Low density
  •  Easy to process
  •  Heat resistance
  •  Chemical resistance
  •  Precise melting point
  •  Thermal stability

There are basically two methods for obtaining color parts, injection molded. The simplest is to mix dye pellets (master mix) in a batch of pellets (see Figure 2). When the pellets are heated and compressed for injection into the mold. The base material and the dyestuff pellets melt and mix before being injected into the mold.

Polypropylene (PP) is

  •  completely waterproof
  •  resistant to corrosion
  •  resistant to high temperatures
  •  and sudden changes in temperature.

Despite their extreme diversity of appearances and sizes, injection molded parts all begin to exist in the same form. Small plastic pellets. The basic colors of these granules vary somewhat depending on the material, but all are on a monochromatic scale ranging from transparent and various shades of natural to black (see Figure 1). Transforming these small, dull granules into a rainbow of colors as they exit the molding press requires the addition of a colorant: a process that can be very simple or very complicated depending on the case. It will be more complex if you are very demanding about your color.

black pp granules

black pp granules

black pp granules applications

It uses in various branches of activity such as

  •  the toy industry
  •  the automobile industry
  •  the appliance industry
  •  and furniture …
black pp granules

black pp granules

Product Description

We rule the industry by offering a broad array of Black PP Granules that is highly appreciated by our valuable customers. Our product is manufactured using high-level grade raw material that is procured from the authentic vendors. This product also is verified on standards guidelines to guarantee our client’s requirement satisfaction. Moreover, these products are highly resistant to heat and have high strength.
If you want a particular color and know the reference RAL or Pantone. We can buy a specific dye for you, for a small additional price although the exact color obtained at the end of the process may depend somewhat on the basic color of the material.