exporter granules

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exporter granules are not a specific polymer name. They are called granules in some form of polymer obtained in a petrochemicals, that are granular and must be melted and formulated for use and applications.
Or, in other words, plastic granules are small pellets of plastic that are poured into plastic injection molding machines and converted into various types of parts.

Which are found abundantly and annually added to several thousand tons. Also, the product produced by these machines is the basic material of many industries. Such as the production of various types of flooring, various reinforcements and alternatives in paints, asphalt, concrete. As well as the main fuel of the furnace, the raw material of rubber and the like.

Providing a homogeneous granule that does not reduce the quality of the product. And quality problem for the consumer is always one of the main concerns of the activists of the recycle industry.
Note: Some polymers retain their properties after several melting and molding. However, some of them, like polyvinyl chloride, which consume a lot in profiles, doors, windows, sheets, sheets, cables, household appliances, etc.. Lose their properties after recycling.

exporter granules

Recycled granules

Exporter granules production

The plastic forming machines manufacturer in such a way. That their input materials are preferably in the form of small plastic balls.

Recycled plastic materials that are grinding and have sharp shaped plates. Or corners not easily use in the hoppers of these devices. And the mixing time, due to the lack of uniformity in their size with other materials. Is always a non-uniform mixture.

exporter granules

What is polymer granulate?

In fact, when the polymer produce, and in the extruder’s head. A cutter or anything like that continuously interrupts the output polymer and the granule produce. All polymer materials can become granular depending on the application. And viscosity and other factors, such as polymerization and the like. However, if the polymerization conditions and other factors complicate, the polymer product as a powder or solution or ….

exporter granules

Granular production

The plastic forming machines manufacture in such a way. That their input materials are preferably in the form of small plastic balls.

Recycled plastic materials that are grinding and have sharp shaped plates. Or corners can not easily use in the hoppers of these devices, and the mixing time. Due to the lack of uniformity in their size with other materials, is always a non-uniform mixture.

Consumers of these materials, therefore, prefer to buy their materials. Such as new materials, in granules or small plastic balloons.


recycled plastic granules

buy and uses LDPE granules in industries

uses LDPE granules in the industry can easily be seen in the world around them. Today, the green polymer Plan is also being introduced to the healthy life of the world.

Ldpe stands for “low-density polyethylene“. Polyethylene can be produced by low pressure or high pressure. The low-pressure method produces HDPE (high-density polyethene), while the high-pressure method produces LDPE

uses ldpe granules

Characteristic uses LDPE granules in industries

  •  The LDPE structure contains irregular polymer chains. Therefore, they
  • The plastic is optimally strong and flexible

The LDPE granule is a type of polyethene that polyethene in many applications. This kind of the polymer use more than its hard type due to its hard but flexible nature.

uses ldpe granules

Physical and chemical properties of LDPE are as follows:

  •  Its densityis 0.915 – 1.13 g / cm.
  • Flexible and has a specific gravity of 0.92.
  • Its tensile strength is 8 to 12 MPa.
  • Crystallization capacity is low, which is about 50-60%.
  • The melting point of LDPE is 275 degrees F (115 to 135 degrees Celsius).
  • Semitransparent or translucent
  • flammable
  • It is not resistant to sterilization by heat.
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals, as well as constant changes in tempo
  • This material can use to store food because all food storage guidelines are metrature.

Advantages of LDPE

  • Due to its low costs, it helps lower the price of the final product.
  • These materials can recycle and therefore reused.
  • These are lattice products, so they are very suitable for slider surfaces.
uses ldpe granules

Products and Applications

  • Packaging membranes or plastic made from LDPE. It is one of the largest LDPE markets.
  • To make dishes, trays, shampoo bottles, compressible bottles, and aeration drink remnants.
  • Carrier bags use to carry purchased items, dry cleaner bags and portable bags.
  • LDPE also use to build slides and gadgets.
  • Very soft and flexible parts such as a snap
  • packing computer hardware, such as hard disk drives, onboard cards, and gaming drives