Sales price of Sulfur Export Granular Date

Sales price of Sulfur Export Granular Date

The selling price of sulfur granular in the domestic and foreign markets is fluctuating and the dollar fluctuates.

Sulphate Properties of Granular Export

One of the important factors in the sale of sulfur granules in its use in agricultural and agricultural soils is to disinfect the soil due to the fungal properties of the export of sulfur granules. Soil is considered as a condition for growth and production of agricultural products. Organic matter deficiencies of lime and its essential oils are one of the harmful factors for plants and the use of sulfur granules improves soil conditions including harmful factors in the root of worm plants White is a root that results from the results of soil infiltration.


Another beneficial effect of exports of sulfur in exports is the destruction and destruction of hair (grapes) and insect vectors in this direction.

Grape Mushroom



The sale of sulfur granules in the export field is possible by registering a formal order.