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polypropylene black granules

Sale of polypropylene black granules

Polypropylene black granules is one of the most consumable plastics and is today widely used in various industries. Although, for a given weight, PP is slightly more expensive than PE (PE). The combination of properties such as lightness, hardness, toughness, chemical resistance. And surface gloss caused a variety of products made from this material. One […]

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sulphur granule

Sell sulfur granules and direct effects on soil

Sulfur granules is an essential element for plant nutrition and its role is superior to phosphorus. Also the role of sulfur in plants, mainly the production of protein, oil and improve the quality of agricultural products. The fourth essential element for nitrogen plants is phosphorus and sulfur potassium. With the difference that plants need this […]

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sell recycled plastic granules in iran

Recycled plastic granules are used in plastic injection machines to produce various plastic parts. Plastic granules are generally available in three types of thermoplastics, thermoset and elastomer. Providing a variety of granules including ethylene vinyl acetate as elastomer. Polypropylene as thermoplastic and methyl methacrylate methyl as a thermoplastic polymer, is made by plastic granulator manufacturers. […]

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exporter granules

exporter granules for sale online from iran

exporter granules are not a specific polymer name. They are called granules in some form of polymer obtained in a petrochemicals, that are granular and must be melted and formulated for use and applications. Or, in other words, plastic granules are small pellets of plastic that are poured into plastic injection molding machines and converted […]

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nylon granules

Nylon granules price per kg in iran

Nylon granules, a cube-shaped granules made of plastic. Provide a blasting medium with which burrs can be deburred or cleaned. And also you can use it, especially in the surface treatment of plastic parts. This blasting agent is in particular in demand by companies in medical technology, electronics and vehicle construction. You have questions about […]

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urea granule

Urea granules price per ton exporter

Urea granules fertilizer is white, odourless, easily soluble in water, 46 kg in 100kg. Nitrogen-containing fertilizer.  Urea fertilizer is the highest level of nitrogen fertilizer among chemical fertilizers.  High agricultural value.  The plants are directly qualified as a source of plant nutrients and provide plenty of products.  It has a less corrosive effect on agricultural […]

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Sale of polyethylene base granules for water pipes

Factories produce Water pipes with Granules. So the sale of poly ethylene base granules for water pipes is more than other Products in this industry. Poly ethylene Granules are varied in different types. So every species of poly ethylene base granules has specific function and usage. Polyethylene Base Granules type for water pipes There are […]

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Sale price rubber granules

sell of all types of rubber granules export

Sales of rubber granules can be shipped in a variety of sizes in a variety of sizes. Sale of rubber granules and accessories Rubber granules are based on their number and size. Granular sizes are in 1-3 and 3-5, and the powder model, or in the general term, is available on the domestic market, and […]

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Sell Granules PE100 Polyethylene exporter

Polyethylene PE100 granular is one of the exporter grade granules that is directly used by the industry in the foreign market. Features and Benefits of Granular PE100 Exports of granules PE100 and PE80 are among the granules used in the production of gas and water industries, and this polymer is one of the most commonly […]

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Selling various exporter of petrochemical granules

Petrochemical exports of granules in various types of applied polymers have the ability to sell and supply both internally and externally. New Export Granular Export Market Export Granular is a generic term used in many types of polymer granules to be covered and marketed. Granules have not had any restrictions on the role of sales […]

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