Sale of feed for the plastic granulation industry

Feed is one of the most effective means of grinding plants.

In the market for mill granulation, the price index is a very important factor in the competitive landscape.

Colored Hollow Granular Material

Hampank granules are recycled granules and granulated petrochemicals are consumable by various factories.

Humpback containers


One of the major uses of Hampank Granules is the use of food containers to pack different products.

Hymen granule materials are used in various colors, such as green, red and white, for granulation purposes.


Sales price of WPC Granules

The WPC granule stands for plastic wood granules, which are sold at exorbitant prices after being manufactured at extrusion machines.

Sales of Granular Wood Plast is one of the newest compote granules in the industry and feed extrusion

machines. The advantages of this granule, in proportion to the plastic granules, are the close proximity of the post-production material to the natural environment and the percentage of wood in its structure, and this suggests the compatibility of this polymer granule with the environment.

Products of Plastic Plate Granules

Granular Wood Plast

Granules play an important role in the composite industry as well as the type of granule, the type of granule, and the type of granule. Plast wood has higher advantages in terms of production than imported and imported. Among the products produced in the plast industry, they are referred to below.





And even the hardware is like an opening. Handle and so on ….

The look of the industry is to plast wood pellets

The look of the industry is to plast wood pellets


Pellet Granule, which is itself ready for use by various manufacturers of building materials and containing base colors. And this factor of wood affects the look of the industries that only use plastics to absorb them, but it goes without saying that today many manufacturers in the field of injecting granules, such as plastic pots and toys, or the like, are changing their industry to Plastics wood granules have come to the fore that the raw material and input feed of these industries can be made by changing the base of polymer granules.