sell recycled plastic granules in iran

Recycled plastic granules are used in plastic injection machines to produce various plastic parts. Plastic granules are generally available in three types of thermoplastics, thermoset and elastomer.
Providing a variety of granules including ethylene vinyl acetate as elastomer. Polypropylene as thermoplastic and methyl methacrylate methyl as a thermoplastic polymer, is made by plastic granulator manufacturers.

recycled plastic granules

What is a recycled plastic granules?

you can use Recycled plastic granules in plastic injection machines to produce various plastic parts. Plastic granules are generally available in three types of thermoplastics, thermoset and elastomer. Providing a variety of granules including ethylene vinyl acetate as elastomer. Polypropylene as thermoplastic and methacrylate methyl methacrylate as a thermoplastic polymer is carried out by plastic granulator manufacturers.

Granules are a kind of structure that exists in polymers. Granular structure is a granular form, which it use in the production of many plastic materials. In fact, granules are in the form of pellets, which come in many forms to produce different materials. In fact, the molecular nature of the granules can be any plastic. But the granular structure referr to only to a specific type that has a purplish shape.

recycled plastic granules


Application of recycled plastic granules

Recycled plastic granules or rubber powder from the recycling of worn tires in various ways enters various industries. And also uses in various ways in the industries. Including:

  • Road industry
    As the production of traffic signs and bumpers, the sealing of road surface gaps, the production of waterproof layers and extra…

As foundation and foundation, industrial flooring, overpass coatings, roof covering of buildings, construction insulation, sealant sealing, air ducts, under carpets, floor coverings for children and …

  • Rubber & Plastics industries
    Such as flexible foam, cover pools, conveyor belt and …
  • Automotive industry
    Tire manufacturing, tire overlay, car flooring and glue, car door strip and gasket, gaskets, friction brake systems, car bumpers and …
  • Marine industries
    Harbor buoys and anchorages, marine floating, non-slippery flooring.
  • Sport
    Such as sports fields, athletics, golf and tennis, squares and …
  • Animal husbandry, agriculture and water supply
    Such as agricultural water supply systems and rubber hoses, rubber pots, livestock feeders, various types of fence silos, etc.

recycled plastic granules

The recyclable industry has high value added because of its cheap. And also abundant raw materials, which has made the industry a profitable industry. Production of granular powder and plastic powder in addition to the creation. And production of raw materials of various industrial products, contributes greatly to the conservation of the environment.

nylon granules

Nylon granules price per kg in iran

Nylon granules, a cube-shaped granules made of plastic. Provide a blasting medium with which burrs can be deburred or cleaned. And also you can use it, especially in the surface treatment of plastic parts.
This blasting agent is in particular in demand by companies in medical technology, electronics and vehicle construction. You have questions about the blasting agent nylon granules? Then call us or write to us, we will gladly advise you.

nylon granules

general information about ‘Nylons’

Family of similar semi-crystalline industrial thermoplastics generally synthesized from amines and linear chain aliphatic acids. Such as nylon 6 or 6.6 knowing that the number corresponds to the number of carbon atoms in the monomers of acid and amine. If a number was single, it means that the monomer is an Alpha-amino acid (or its lactam). And that the amide linkages in the polymer are all “head to tail”.

If two numbers appear, the monomers are diamines and diacids and the amide links alternate “head to tail /” tail to head.  “The first number refers to the diamine, the second to the diacid Some nylons use aromatic monomers designated by letters. Such as T for terephthalic components and I for isophthalic components.
Nylon is a linear polyamide.

nylon granules


The majority of the nylon produced today (PA 6.6) is melt-spun or extruded into threads. The bulk buyer for this is the fine hosiery and lingerie industry. A considerable part of which is also used for the production of industrial textiles. These include nets, mats, ropes and cables and floor coverings.

In many applications PA 6.6 replaces metallic materials. Such plastic parts, which are usually made of granules by injection molding, do not corrode and are characterized by low weight. These include mass-molded parts for mechanical engineering, such as wear-resistant plain bearings, bushes, gears and rollers as well as hose materials for impact-resistant fuel lines in vehicle construction.

In addition, PA 6.6 has become established as the material for numerous technical niche products. These include machine screws and nuts, dowels and cable ties, strainers, but also strings for musical instruments and sports equipment. Finally, household items from PA 6.6 have proven many times as durable and inexpensive alternatives for conventional device because of their simple manufacturing capabilities by injection molding and their extensive unbreakability.

nylon granules

Trade shape

In addition to fiber materials for industrial textiles, technical fabrics and for the clothing industry. Nylon granules trade as granules and semi-finished products.  Such as profiles, rods, pipe and tube materials.

Polystyrene granules

Buy and sell granules foam polystyrene plastic

The sale and sale of a variety of foam granules, also called polystyrene granite polystyrene granules, is in addition to the production of foaming industry in terms of mechanical structure.

Foam Granules and Uses in the Industry

Granular foam is generally a mixture of polymers that combine with gas and into a sponge. Polymers are produced from branches such as polyethylene, polyurethane, polystyrene. One of the most important points in the quality of foam granules is its use in the production of products, and the factors such as high strength against its flexibility and its high strength against tensile and rupture is significant.

Polystyrene foam polystyrene

Granular products are used in industries such as bags and shoes, insulation, automotive and building and parquet flooring.

Sandy chair

One of the uses of this foam granule is sandstone and doll making.



Sale of feed for the plastic granulation industry

Feed is one of the most effective means of grinding plants.

In the market for mill granulation, the price index is a very important factor in the competitive landscape.

Colored Hollow Granular Material

Hampank granules are recycled granules and granulated petrochemicals are consumable by various factories.

Humpback containers


One of the major uses of Hampank Granules is the use of food containers to pack different products.

Hymen granule materials are used in various colors, such as green, red and white, for granulation purposes.