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ldpe granules petrochemicals suppliers in Tehran

Lightweight polyethylene (ldpe granules petrochemicals ) is commonly used in the production of various types of plastic materials. Polyethylenes of 209 and 020 are from this category of materials. That produce nylon-niloxes-the production of small-sized polyethylene pipes-the production of a type bar for drip irrigation-the production of various types of polyethylene and more. used. Polyethylenes […]

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sulphur granule

Sell sulfur granules and direct effects on soil

Sulfur granules is an essential element for plant nutrition and its role is superior to phosphorus. Also the role of sulfur in plants, mainly the production of protein, oil and improve the quality of agricultural products. The fourth essential element for nitrogen plants is phosphorus and sulfur potassium. With the difference that plants need this […]

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epdm granules in iran

epdm granules suppliers in iran

Iran is one of the big names in rubber granules and flooring, which is used for various uses. Rubber granules are new to the epdm material in their structure. The rubber granules are mesh and are used in sizes of 3-5 in the artificial turf manufacturing structure. The good selling price of artificial grass granules […]

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