pp granules

Polypropylene polymer granules

Polypropylene polymer granules from Iran

Polypropylene polymer Granules from Iran has the best quality. Advanced machines and technology have been used to produce the best quality and pure Polypropylene Polymer Granules. So the factories that need Polypropylene polymer granules as primary material of their company and factories have a good choice for buying them. Updating the machines and technology is […]

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exporter granules

pp granules manufacturing process business

Nearly 40% of the world’s pp granules manufacturing are used in the textile industry to produce staple fibers, filament yarns, BCF flooring yarns, single filament yarns, non-textured sponge / bonded yarns and packaging tape and from this the textile industry can be considered one of the most important downstream industries in the polymer. pp granules […]

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