price granules

polyethylene granules

Export of polyethylene granules f7000 of iran

Polyethylene granules are from the group of thermoplastics that are obtained by polymerization of ethylene gas (C2H4). High-density polyethylene is called HDPE or heavy polyethylene. Due to the density of the molecular chain in heavy polyethylene, its density is high and therefore their flexibility is low. Therefore, the impact strength in heavy Polyethylene granules is […]

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nylon granules

Nylon granules price per kg in iran

Nylon granules, a cube-shaped granules made of plastic. Provide a blasting medium with which burrs can be deburred or cleaned. And also you can use it, especially in the surface treatment of plastic parts. This blasting agent is in particular in demand by companies in medical technology, electronics and vehicle construction. You have questions about […]

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Sale of all types of rubber granules

Sale price of worn rubber granules

The selling price of granulated rubber in the industry today depends on the amount of consumption and market demand for this rubber granule. A glance at the rubber granule sales industry It should be noted that according to statistical surveys per ton of rubber production, every 5 to 6 people in Iran wear a rubber […]

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Polymer Granular Nylon Price

The price of Nellox polymer granules is very much affected by the fluctuations in petrochemical prices. It is one of the most original polyethylene polymer granules. This heavy-duty polymer is used in industries such as tubes. Another kind of polymer is used in the production of colored nexlets. These nexlocks were also available after the […]

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price recycled plastic granules buyer

The price range of plastic recycled plastic granules has a wide range of materials with respect to its original products. Plastic granules in the nylon manufacturing industry have a vast market in Iran and have led most manufacturers to supply the right price. It goes without saying that all the suppliers of plastic granules are […]

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pvc granules price in iran

The price of PVC granules in Iran is proportional to the supply of PVC in the petrochemical industry. In the type of PVC granules, the hard and soft type used in the market is usually used in the production of pipes and window frames made of PVC materials, including those that use soft granules. Cable […]

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Buyer’s price of Greenhouse granul Nylon

The price of granular nylon widespread, one of its major uses in the agricultural industry and the provision of greenhouse space, is used in Iran and other countries. The quality of these nylon granules is very diverse in the market. Greenhouse nylon is due to the fact that Soil protection against environmental factors should be […]

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urea 46 granular price iran

The price of urea granules is 46% Turkmen in Iran at Lotfabad border available in packages of 50kg. Urea granule is one of its major uses in the agricultural industry. This granule is hydrolyzed by active bacteria in ammonia to oxide nitrate This nitrate is an agent of absorption in plants, including other granules produced […]

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price recycled hdpe granules manufacturer

HDPE recycled granules in Iran have been widely sold in domestic and foreign markets. HDPE granules are available in the field of commodity supply and recyclable models. This granule is used in a variety of colors, and according to the order of price color Its supply varies. Among the granules, the color is yellow and […]

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