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exporter granules for sale online from iran

exporter granules are not a specific polymer name. They are called granules in some form of polymer obtained in a petrochemicals, that are granular and must be melted and formulated for use and applications. Or, in other words, plastic granules are small pellets of plastic that are poured into plastic injection molding machines and converted […]

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Sale of polyethylene base granules for water pipes

Factories produce Water pipes with Granules. So the sale of poly ethylene base granules for water pipes is more than other Products in this industry. Poly ethylene Granules are varied in different types. So every species of poly ethylene base granules has specific function and usage. Polyethylene Base Granules type for water pipes There are […]

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wpc granule

Selling WPC granule in China market

WPC granule is, in fact, the acronym for plastic composite. These materials include a large number of composite materials that can use in various types of plastics such as proline andPVC. And they also use to connect them to a variety of modes, such as wood flour or linen fibres. Not only can this material […]

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