exporter granules

exporter granules for sale online from iran

exporter granules are not a specific polymer name. They are called granules in some form of polymer obtained in a petrochemicals, that are granular and must be melted and formulated for use and applications.
Or, in other words, plastic granules are small pellets of plastic that are poured into plastic injection molding machines and converted into various types of parts.

Which are found abundantly and annually added to several thousand tons. Also, the product produced by these machines is the basic material of many industries. Such as the production of various types of flooring, various reinforcements and alternatives in paints, asphalt, concrete. As well as the main fuel of the furnace, the raw material of rubber and the like.

Providing a homogeneous granule that does not reduce the quality of the product. And quality problem for the consumer is always one of the main concerns of the activists of the recycle industry.
Note: Some polymers retain their properties after several melting and molding. However, some of them, like polyvinyl chloride, which consume a lot in profiles, doors, windows, sheets, sheets, cables, household appliances, etc.. Lose their properties after recycling.

exporter granules

Recycled granules

Exporter granules production

The plastic forming machines manufacturer in such a way. That their input materials are preferably in the form of small plastic balls.

Recycled plastic materials that are grinding and have sharp shaped plates. Or corners not easily use in the hoppers of these devices. And the mixing time, due to the lack of uniformity in their size with other materials. Is always a non-uniform mixture.

exporter granules

What is polymer granulate?

In fact, when the polymer produce, and in the extruder’s head. A cutter or anything like that continuously interrupts the output polymer and the granule produce. All polymer materials can become granular depending on the application. And viscosity and other factors, such as polymerization and the like. However, if the polymerization conditions and other factors complicate, the polymer product as a powder or solution or ….

exporter granules

Granular production

The plastic forming machines manufacture in such a way. That their input materials are preferably in the form of small plastic balls.

Recycled plastic materials that are grinding and have sharp shaped plates. Or corners can not easily use in the hoppers of these devices, and the mixing time. Due to the lack of uniformity in their size with other materials, is always a non-uniform mixture.

Consumers of these materials, therefore, prefer to buy their materials. Such as new materials, in granules or small plastic balloons.


Sale of polyethylene base granules for water pipes

Factories produce Water pipes with Granules. So the sale of poly ethylene base granules for water pipes is more than other Products in this industry. Poly ethylene Granules are varied in different types.
So every species of poly ethylene base granules has specific function and usage.

Coke Granule Special for Iron Industries

Polyethylene Base Granules type for water pipes

There are types of poly ethylene Base Granules in polymer industry:

  • HDPE
  • PP
  • PPCP
  • LDPE

The poly ethylene base Granules that is using in Water pipes producing is HDPE. Extruder machine make these Water pipes. Brief introduction of Water pipes is here. Poly ethylene Base granules are the inputs of machine. This machines convert poly ethylene base Granules to Molten material. After, the molten Materials get forward with a spiral shaft. And in the last stage of production, they get into Vacuum tank and finally formed into desirable pipes shapes with different diameters.

Coke Granule Special for Iron Industries

Sales of Poly ethylene base Granules

Iran is producing their water pipes and other building equipment with these Granules. Also people are getting familiar with Granules inch meal. So Factories are making these type of Granules More. Also industries are using this type of Granules. Sales of poly ethylene base granules have boom in Iran. Iran is one of the exporters of Polyethylene base granules to other countries. Even the first world countries are the customers of Poly ethylene base Granules. Every year, more than 30 percent of Poly ethylene base Granules are exporting to other countries like India. There are more customers for them in other countries. Big crowded Countries with lowest resources have big issue in their industries. So Poly ethylene base granules imports for these countries are useful and progress them.

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Poly ethylene base granules benefit

They have a lot of benefits. But the most important thing in these granules is that they are heat insulator. Also they are reusable and have more consistency against UV ray and other rays.

wpc granule

Selling WPC granule in China market

WPC granule is, in fact, the acronym for plastic composite. These materials include a large number of composite materials that can use in various types of plastics such as proline andPVC. And they also use to connect them to a variety of modes, such as wood flour or linen fibres.

Not only can this material be used as a substitute for traditional wood composite samples, it also provides a new generation of high-performance products.

One of the benefits of these products is that they consume since wood can sawdust or even waste of other wood products, there is no need to use new wood resources to produce them. Wooden waste, which has so far been costly to eliminate it, can today be a good source for one of the best wooden composite products. Also, recycled plastics from batteries and plastic bags are also a good source for using more conventional plastics.

wpc granule

Benefits of Selling wpc granule

  • The final formulation by the extrusion process not only maximizes the efficiency of the use of resources but also allows the manufacturer to provide a better product at each stage of bonding, tightening and strengthening.
  •  WoodPlast is a product that does not require further processing and processing after production.
  • Unlike other wooden products that need to replac for outdoor use, these products are resistant to water, mildew and air, and are a good alternative.
  • Wood plastics can be made of plastic products that are both high-performance and nature-friendly.
  • Plank timber can use in all suitable and cost-effective substitutes for wood products, for example, in the manufacture of furniture frames, furniture and other decorative products. In addition to producing many plastic products such as window frames, Cable trunks and roof design also make use of them
wpc granule

Property of WPC

  • This combination of materials includes the best of wood and plastic properties.
  • In addition to inexpensive raw materials, these products help eliminate waste wood and plastics that are costly.
  • Their price and performance versus other common wood products, including MDF, PVC-U and wood, are suitable.
  • It is possible to manufacture and build them using traditional wood processing methods.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and designs.
  •  Recovered after use.

Generally, the wood boards include the following features

  • High-toughness and impact resistance.
  •  High stability against environmental changes(dimensional stability)
  •  Resistance to corruption.
  •  Excellent thermal properties.
  •  Low moisture absorption.
  • Wood frames and fire

Experience has shown that the behavior of WPCs is the same and, even in some circumstances, better than other wood products.

Fire tests usually contain two flammable and fire-fighting components, in which the level of fire, sustainability in burning and the rate of flame spread is investigated.

Most of the tests in this area in the United States and according to the ASTM standards are summarized in this section.

In general, the presence of plasticin products improves the efficiency of wood products against fire. For example, the use of PVC-U materials that have a good fire and flame retardant is overall WPC performance compared to pure wood.