Sale price rubber granules

sell of all types of rubber granules export

Sales of rubber granules can be shipped in a variety of sizes in a variety of sizes.

Sale of rubber granules and accessories

Rubber granulesrubber granules

Rubber granules are based on their number and size. Granular sizes are in 1-3 and 3-5, and the powder model, or in the general term, is available on the domestic market, and if you want to offer these granules in foreign markets, the tonnage of a variety of rubber granules can be supplied. In the direction of production of granules Rubber items such as wires and rubber crochets are also depoiled and shelved in the case of accessories, and if customized in such cases, it can be considered in high volume.

rubber granules market

Artificial turf rubber granules market

Granular  rubber is an artificial turf from the bundle of mammals along with the mold in the granular market.

Black Granule Artificial Grass

rubber granules market


Black Granular Artificial Grass is made up of tires that enter the waste cycle. This artificial grass granule is recycled in recycled granules from objects such as metals and yarns that are clean and homogeneous in the industry of artificial grass flooring and flooring. City games are used.


Sale of all types of rubber granules

Sale price of worn rubber granules

The selling price of granulated rubber in the industry today depends on the amount of consumption and market demand for this rubber granule.

A glance at the rubber granule sales industry

Plastics_granulesThe share of rubber granule

It should be noted that according to statistical surveys per ton of rubber production, every 5 to 6 people in Iran wear a rubber ring and, on the other hand, supply rubber granulated feeds from worn tires from riding, vans, buses, trucks, agricultural and industrial vehicles Recyclable. The following is a summary of the applications that can be used in the sales of rubber granules and powder.

Sales of recycled rubber granules are one of the largest recycling industries.

rubber granules

Direct sales of rubber granules

In the sale of rubber granules, the choice of size selection has a direct impact on your use as a consumer. In the direction of the production and recycling of worn-out tires, in addition to moving the cycle of the industry, it prevents the burning of urban waste. And create contamination. These tires in the second mill in the production line are converted to granules of 1 to 5 size, and after passing the sorbets classified into the sizes are classified into a certain range, including the use of these granules in the production of grass Artificial flooring and free space.

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