pvc granules price in iran

The price of PVC granules in Iran is proportional to the supply of PVC in the petrochemical industry. In the type of PVC granules, the hard and soft type used in the market is usually used in the production of pipes and window frames made of PVC materials, including those that use soft granules. Cable […]

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Buyer’s price of Greenhouse granul Nylon

The price of granular nylon widespread, one of its major uses in the agricultural industry and the provision of greenhouse space, is used in Iran and other countries. The quality of these nylon granules is very diverse in the market. Greenhouse nylon is due to the fact that Soil protection against environmental factors should be […]

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urea 46 granular price iran

The price of urea granules is 46% Turkmen in Iran at Lotfabad border available in packages of 50kg. Urea granule is one of its major uses in the agricultural industry. This granule is hydrolyzed by active bacteria in ammonia to oxide nitrate This nitrate is an agent of absorption in plants, including other granules produced […]

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buy or sell pet bottle granules iran

Buying or selling PET granules in Iran, which is the largest consumption in the production of bottles of soft drinks and mineral water. This product is supplied through the stock market and through the Tehran market to bottle manufacturers. Iran’s mineral water is the product that can be supplied to the world market. Therefore, the […]

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sell granul plastic reciclat pvc

The sale and use of recycled plastic granules is commonplace on all polymer bases, including pvc polymer. One of the industries that are being attacked and consumed in the production of nanotubes is the hollow and cable industries. Of course, cable lining is provided in a variety of grades from this granule, each of which […]

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price recycled hdpe granules manufacturer

HDPE recycled granules in Iran have been widely sold in domestic and foreign markets. HDPE granules are available in the field of commodity supply and recyclable models. This granule is used in a variety of colors, and according to the order of price color Its supply varies. Among the granules, the color is yellow and […]

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rubber granules

Direct sales of rubber granules

In the sale of rubber granules, the choice of size selection has a direct impact on your use as a consumer. In the direction of the production and recycling of worn-out tires, in addition to moving the cycle of the industry, it prevents the burning of urban waste. And create contamination. These tires in the […]

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The price of the abs gray Granule

The price of granular abs, titled “Latin abs”, is available in gray and milky colors. Abs is one of the most expensive granules in the home appliance industry and furniture manufacturing. In the production of recycled granules, one of the most important features of the quality of feed materials and types of devices. One of […]

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The world of granules

 Three business spaces from the Granular World will be introduced shortly

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