Polymer granules

Site of sale and buy of various polymer granules

Polymer granules are offered in the form of a variety of polymer bases in different volumes through the Granule Sales and Marketing website. Polymer granules   Polymer granules are produced in the main bases of polyethylene, polystyrene, polyamide, polypropylene, PVC, and polymer granules.

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rubber granules market

Artificial turf rubber granules market

Granular  rubber is an artificial turf from the bundle of mammals along with the mold in the granular market. Black Granule Artificial Grass   Black Granular Artificial Grass is made up of tires that enter the waste cycle. This artificial grass granule is recycled in recycled granules from objects such as metals and yarns that […]

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Sales price of WPC Granules

The WPC granule stands for plastic wood granules, which are sold at exorbitant prices after being manufactured at extrusion machines. Sales of Granular Wood Plast is one of the newest compote granules in the industry and feed extrusion machines. The advantages of this granule, in proportion to the plastic granules, are the close proximity of […]

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Sale of all types of rubber granules

Sale price of worn rubber granules

The selling price of granulated rubber in the industry today depends on the amount of consumption and market demand for this rubber granule. A glance at the rubber granule sales industry It should be noted that according to statistical surveys per ton of rubber production, every 5 to 6 people in Iran wear a rubber […]

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Sales price of Sulfur Export Granular Date

Sales price of Sulfur Export Granular Date

The selling price of sulfur granular in the domestic and foreign markets is fluctuating and the dollar fluctuates. Sulphate Properties of Granular Export One of the important factors in the sale of sulfur granules in its use in agricultural and agricultural soils is to disinfect the soil due to the fungal properties of the export […]

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Honey granules

buy and selling nylon granules

buy and selling its granular nylon is in demand for the market for granules to be sold and sold. Nylon and granulated industries                             In general, nylons have played a major role in the granular industry and its trade. For the purchase […]

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Sale of lightweight polyethylene granules

Selling price recycled polyethylene granules

The  price sale and export of polyethylene granules are booming in the foreign markets, especially in neighboring countries like Afghanistan. Introduction of Polyethylene Polyethylene Film Strip in the Export Zone In the field of exporting polyethylene granules the brand is very important. One of the proprietary brands of light-weight polyethylene granules, which is traded and […]

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Selling petrochemical granules industries

Selling various types of petrochemical granules industries

Sales of petrochemical granules consumed by industries in various types of specialized grids can be distributed throughout Iran. Types of delivery of petrochemical granules Granular Petrochemical X5 Maroon Petrochemical Granule F7000 Mehr Petrochemical Granule 52518 Tabriz Petrochemical Granule 0035 Amir Kabir Ordering all petrochemical granules is possible by registering a formal order and in cash. […]

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granule coke fuel for sale

Coke fule Granule is one of the products of coal that is produced in Iran and has the ability to export to other countries. The Importance of Coke Granules in the Industry The importance of aggregate and granular coke is very important in the centers that deal with the purchase and sale of metallurgical coke […]

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epdm granules in iran

epdm granules suppliers in iran

Iran is one of the big names in rubber granules and flooring, which is used for various uses. Rubber granules are new to the epdm material in their structure. The rubber granules are mesh and are used in sizes of 3-5 in the artificial turf manufacturing structure. The good selling price of artificial grass granules […]

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