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Sale of sulfur granules in Iran

Sale of sulfur granules in IranSulfur Granulus Consumption in IndustriesSymptoms of sulfur in the plantsBentonite sulfur granuleSulfur asphalt productionUrea production with sulfur coating

Sale of sulfur granules in Iran








Sulfur granules play an important role in the agricultural industry in Iran and elsewhere in the world, and they are used as a means of disposing of plant diseases and pests, stabilizing of dried fruits, or soil acidity, the reformer of alkaline and calcareous soils. Adding sulfur as a relatively pure powder or with chemical fertilizers, especially fertilizers that are added to the soil as sulfate, such as ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, and even common superphosphate and triplet.

Some plants, such as alfalfa, potatoes, tea, oilseeds, etc. require more sulfur. Usually, a significant amount of nitrogen fertilizers (such as urea granular fertilizer) is wasted after sublimation or washed. In order to reduce these losses, some sulfur is added to these fertilizers, in order to reduce fertilization with less waste. (Such as ammonium sulfate granules fertilizer).


Sulfur Granulus Consumption in Industries

Production of sulfuric acid

Production of agricultural fertilizers

And rubber, gunpowder, match making, sugar and starch, insecticides and detergents, soap, nicot processing, disinfection cold storage

And other materials


Symptoms of sulfur in the plants



The shortage of sulfur granules appears as pale and jaundiced in young leaves and plantar ends. Sulfur deficiency has important effects on plant growth, the stems are thin and the leaves are wrapped up. In plants, sulfur deficiency causes the accumulation of non-protein nitrogen, and the use of these plants is harmful and harmful to ruminants. Sulfur deficiency also causes nitrate accumulation in plants that are toxic to animals. While the need of some plants to sulfur (the concentration of sulfur inside the plant is more than phosphorus) is more, unfortunately in the country less use of this fertilizer has been taken to reduce its alkali soils.

Considering the positive effects of sulfur on reducing the local layers of calcareous soils, providing the required sulfate plants, increasing the solubility of low-consumption and high-consumption elements, especially phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc., control of some fungal pathogens and sulfur in The modification of saline and alkaline soils, its modification and other benefits, requires the use of sulfur granules for the agricultural industry.


Bentonite sulfur granule







To repair alkaline soils and to improve the agricultural land

60% sulfur 40% bentonite

70% sulfur 30% bentonite

Fertilizer Bentonite sulfur fertilizer is used for spraying with fertilizer or silage in the shade of trees.

Bentonite plays a constructive role in the process of oxidation of sulfur in the soil, so that bentonite in this fertilizer, by absorbing moisture and disintegrating it in the soil bed, explodes in some way, and this transforms sulfur into finer particles. As a result, sulfur oxidation is faster and more efficient. Although sulfur is not easily dissolved in the soil or with water. Sorghum is also used as a grape and apricot pesticide.

Sulfur asphalt production


This kind of asphalt is obtained by mixing sulfur and bitumen. Using it in the screws of

and stopping places prevents the asphalt removal wave.


Urea production with sulfur coating



Since nutrient dispersion over a period of time has advantages such as increasing plant use, reducing the number of fertilization and preventing the loss of fertilizers due to nitrogen dehydration, the use of a thin layer of urea seed Reduces the speed of the dissolution of the seeds, which makes the nutrients longer available to the plant. Sulfur Urea fertilizer saves fertilizer consumption by up to 70% and reduces the cost of labor for fertilizer application, and one of the known sources of nitrogen supply is the plant’s needs in the most productive areas of the world.

  • The efficiency of a bag of urea fertilizer with a sulfur coating is equal to 3.5 ply of uncoated urea fertilizer.


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