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Polystyrene is an artificial polymer of styrene monomer (a petrochemical material), which has three typical, resistant and expandable types. Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain chain of hydrocarbons in which carbon variable centers are connected to phenyl groups. It contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen elements. Polystyrene Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain chain of hydrocarbons […]

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Sell Granules PE100 Polyethylene exporter

Polyethylene PE100 granular is one of the exporter grade granules that is directly used by the industry in the foreign market. Features and Benefits of Granular PE100 Exports of granules PE100 and PE80 are among the granules used in the production of gas and water industries, and this polymer is one of the most commonly […]

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Sale of lightweight polyethylene granules

Selling price recycled polyethylene granules

The  price sale and export of polyethylene granules are booming in the foreign markets, especially in neighboring countries like Afghanistan. Introduction of Polyethylene Polyethylene Film Strip in the Export Zone In the field of exporting polyethylene granules the brand is very important. One of the proprietary brands of light-weight polyethylene granules, which is traded and […]

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polyethylene granules manufacturing pipe

The price of a granule of polyethylene pipes depends on the process of production and structure of this granule. Granular pipe is used in the water and wastewater industry. Gas and agricultural transmission is used. The polyethylene consumed in these granules in two specialized grades supplied through petrochemicals and recycled factories But the most common […]

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