Sell Granules PE100 Polyethylene exporter

Polyethylene PE100 granular is one of the exporter grade granules that is directly used by the industry in the foreign market.

Features and Benefits of Granular PE100

Exports of granules PE100 and PE80 are among the granules used in the production of gas and water industries, and this polymer is one of the most commonly used polymers in the foreign sales industry. It is characterized by a high density density polyethylene granules with a lower weight and thickness, including the advantages This new anti-ultraviolet granule is a granule.


The mechanical properties of polyethylene PE100 granules are superior to those of the previous generation PE80, which has led to the entry of this grade into high pressure applications in the gas and water distribution industry.

One of the benefits is the point



1 – High stiffness


  1. Excellent toughness


  1. ESCR is good


  1. Processability


Compare two grades of polyethylene granules technically

Comparison of two-grade polyethylene


Applications of polyethylene granules


The sale of exported polyethylene granules in various types of specialty grades for the target industries has internal and external supply capability.

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You can contact us to buy and sell this product:
Laleh Kiani Communication paths:
Phone Number: 09139819437
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