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Classification of types of polystyrene granules IndicationsPolystyrene Resistant Poly HIPS
polystyrene granules

Polystyrene is an artificial polymer of styrene monomer (a petrochemical material), which has three typical, resistant and expandable types.
Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain chain of hydrocarbons in which carbon variable centers are connected to phenyl groups. It contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen elements.

Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain chain of hydrocarbons in which carbon variable centers are attached to phenyl groups. It contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen elements.
The properties of the substance are determined by the short-term absorption of the vanilla in the polymer chains. Since molecules are high-chain hydrocarbons that consist of thousands of atoms, the overall tensile strength of large molecules is large. When heated, the chains gain more consistency and stick around each other. This intermolecular flutter (in contrast to high inter-molecular strength due to hydrocarbon endurance) provides a flexible and elasticity to this material. The ability of the system to degrade it at temperatures higher than its glass transition temperature. To polystyrene  allows the system to easily be softened and gonacon forms when heated.

polystyrene granules

Classification of types of polystyrene granules

Polystyrene is divided into four types:

GPPS Polystyrene
Polypropylene GPPS, commonly used for general use, should usually have properties such as good heat resistance, good adhesion and fluidity during the process. These polystyrene have high dielectric properties and are therefore of great use in electrical applications.

A clear, lightweight polymer with the ability to maintain its appearance and electrical properties is highly desirable. Due to the clarity and ease of processability due to its amorphous structure, this material has high advantages over other polymer materials.

polystyrene granules


This type of polystyrene granules is used in the production of consumer utensils. Such as plates, glasses and cups, high-strength consumer goods. Such as home utensils and cans, for the production of single-use dishes, electronic equipment, watch cases, TVs, radios, sports goods, toys, insulators. Refrigeration in the refrigerator, freezer, and specialty packaging, such as compact disc boxes and thin and thin frames, special packaging containers for pharmaceutical substances, and so on. Due to its dielectric properties. It can also be used in electrical applications.

polystyrene granules

Polystyrene Resistant Poly HIPS

This type of polystyrene is a shock-resistant high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). Which is why it is used in the manufacture of dishes and home appliances.

The ordinary polystyrene granules is somewhat fragile. Although it can be achieved by adding some properties of materials such as polybutadiene to a desirable product. Due to the effect of intermolecular forces. These materials can not be mixed naturally. Although the addition of polybutadiene during the polymerization process leads to its chemical bonding with polystyrene and the production of a copolymer. Polybutadiene is thus included in the final composition. Which leads to the production of resistant polystyrene.

For the production of sports goods, toys, household appliances. It is also a great use of this material due to its high stability and easy process and colorability. Including the production of sporting goods, toys and refrigeration insulators in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. It has special applications in the processes of food industry, housebuilding, construction of dishes. And the body of appliances and coatings.
Expanded polystyrene EPS

This type of polystyrene is called “Expanded polystyrene” (EPS). A type of white polymer that is added to them as a foaming agent.

A lightweight thermoplastic that has low thermal conductivity, high resistance to fission and high absorption ability, has made it ideal for packaging and insulation in various industries.

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