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granular sulphur price per ton

granular sulphur price

Refinery sulphur obtained from refining oil and natural gas is initially molten and it can be produced in different forms such as granular sulphur, lump sulphur, and lump sulphur for different uses. The price of granulated sulphur per ton is very reasonable

Granular manure is a type of agricultural fertilizer that contains 85 per cent of sulphur. This fertilizer is similar to phosphate fertilizers and should be used before planting. Among the advantages of granular sulphur fertilizer, we can mention the reduction of local pH of calcareous soils, supply of aluminium sulfate required for soil growth, etc.

Granular sulphur fertilizer contains 85% sulphur and 10% bentonite. Sulphur is present in a large amount in the leaves of the plant and is part of the protein constituents in the plant. Sulphur plays a role in the production of amino acids in plants, followed by saturated proteins. granular sulphur this collection is very good

Sulphur plays a prominent role in the formation of essential plant vitamins. that these vitamins are used for plant metabolic processes. On the other hand, the smell and aroma of some vegetables are related to volatile sulphur compounds.

Among the advantages of granular sulphur fertilizer, it can be mentioned that these fertilizers contain swelling compounds that disintegrate very quickly in the soil and provide absorbable sulphur for the plant.

Farmers and agricultural experts should pay attention to the importance of plant nutrition and the importance of absorbable sulphur in the soil. Why, in addition to increasing the quality of seeds and fruits, sulphur also increases the shelf life of fruits.

If the pH of the soil is not adjusted well, beneficial soil organisms will be lost. One of the advantages of granular sulphur fertilizer or sulphuric acid is its ability to reduce soil pH. This product is sold in the market with any weight and quantity you want.

This fertilizer plays a role both in meeting the plant’s need for sulphur and in improving alkaline and calcareous soils, and it reduces the pH of the soil, and then it causes the release of stabilized elements in the soil and improves the absorption of macro and micro elements by plant roots.

forgives. As a result of activity with oxidizing kettles, sulphur turns into sulfate and satisfies the plant’s need for this element. The presence of sulphur in the form of granules in this fertilizer causes the sulfate ions to be released gradually and become available to the plant, and their wastage is minimized.

Bentonite in this fertilizer absorbs water and plays a role in increasing sulphur oxidation. Using this fertilizer along with other nitrogen, potash, phosphorus and micro fertilizers improves their absorption and performance.

This bentonite sulphur fertilizer is in the form of granules. There is a lot of sulphur in the plant, especially in the leaves, which is a component of protein in the plant and a vital substance for plant nutrition and the essential element for the production of amino acids and protein synthesis, in the formation and growth of cells, increasing the photosynthesis of plants and It is effective in increasing growth and yield per plant area.

Soil application of sulphur reduces pH and improves saline and alkaline soils and increases the absorption of nutrients in the soil.

granular sulphur price per ton

granular sulphur price

granular sulphur price Sulphur is one of the essential elements for the growth of plants which makes it easier to absorb nutrients for the plant. be made And its usable form for plants is sulfate ion.

• It is very suitable for alkaline soils. Instructions for use:

• 5% of the volume of the pot must be mixed with the soil (every time the soil of the pot is changed)

• For the garden: mix with the garden soil at the rate of 5% of the garden soil (once a year) )

Granular sulphur fertilizer, in addition to the local reduction of the pH of lime-alkali soils, also supplies the sulfate needed for plant growth. Among the advantages of using this product, we can mention increasing the solubility of nutrients and micronutrients in the soil and controlling a number of pathogenic factors such as white fungus, etc.

Organic substances present in granular sulphur fertilizer activate useful microbes in the soil. These microbes facilitate biological oxidation in the soil. In addition, these fertilizers disinfect the soil and contribute to the health of the environment.

You can easily add granular sulphur fertilizer to the soil with the help of fertilizer spreaders. With this, the physical and chemical properties of the soil are improved by 30 to 60 percent. Among the benefits of granular sulphur fertilizer, we can mention this; This fertilizer reduces the consumption of chemical poisons to some extent.

Granular sulphur fertilizer should be used before crop cultivation. For each hectare, about 400 to 600 kg of granular sulphur should be poured into the cultivation environment with a fertilizer sprayer. Then by plowing, he penetrated the fertilizer deep into the soil.

In the soils of Iran, due to the calcareousness of the agricultural lands, the bicarbonate of the irrigation water, the low organic matter of the soil, the solubility of some nutrients in the root part of the plant, the soil needs sulphur.

Sulphur has a corrective effect, which is effective in improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil. On the other hand, sulphur helps to meet the plant’s nutritional needs and increases the plant’s resistance to environmental stresses. Granular sulphur fertilizer is among these sulphur fertilizers.

Sulphur, with the chemical symbol S and atomic number 16, is the tenth most abundant element on the planet, which is in the sixth group and the third period of the periodic table of elements.

This material is yellow, depending on its type, it is bold or pale. Sulphur melts easily at 115°C and is insoluble in water. It forms stable compounds with all elements except noble gases.

Due to its ionic binding property, sulphur exists in the form of lead sulfide, iron sulfide, copper sulfide, and zinc sulfide minerals in nature. Today, sulphur is obtained from the synthesis process of oil and natural gas condensates of refineries during purification, including two types of gaseous G.C and petroleum O.C, with a light lemon yellow color and tending to orange, with a purity of 99.5%, and it is transformed into various forms, which is one of the most widely used They are granular sulphur.

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