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Recycled plastic granules uses in Europe

Application of recycled plastic granulesGranular typesHow to produce recycled plastic granules
recycled plastic granules

Recycled plastic granules materials often have sheet shapes or sharp corners. Therefore, they can not easily use in the hopper of the devices. And, of course, they mix a non-uniform mixture. Because the materials are not uniform.
Consumers of these materials, therefore, prefer to buy their materials, such as new materials, in granules or small plastic balloons, which done by a line call the granular product line.

Recycled plastic granules

Application of recycled plastic granules

• Construction industry
• The use of recycled plastics in the packaging industry
• Construction of roads with recycled plastics
The main purpose of producing a polymer is to obtain a material with desirable properties. And obtaining these properties and controlling it during the polymerization process depends on many factors, including temperature, pressure, catalyst, etc., and the polymer that was first melted and formed is sure to have better properties than recycled polymers many times Melted. Some polymers retain their properties after several melting and moulding. But some of them, like polyvinyl chloride PVC, which consume a lot in window profiles, tablecloths and types of sheets, cables, household appliances, etc., lose their properties after recycling.

recycled plastic granules

Granular types

• Polymer granules
• Granule from waste materials
• Smooth Granule
• Dried granules
Polymers sometimes come in the form of granules, which they call granules. A granule is the only name for this form of polymers, not a specific polymer name. These granules are melting into plastic parts to become customized.
Polymer-to-granular conversion usually perform for most polymers with viscosity and different polymerization. types unless the polymer type and characteristics are such that we have to use a powdery form or a solution that sometimes use differently. Production of polymer granules carry out by extruder machines and in a mechanism similar to a meat grinder. Granules sometimes come from hand-first polymers, and sometimes from recycled polymers used. The combination of granular polymers with masterbatches, which are also available as granules, can give specific properties to the production unit.

recycled plastic granules

How to produce recycled plastic granules

The plastic forming machine make so that the raw material into which it enters is in the form of small plastic balls. But the recycled plastic materials that are grinding are in the form of sheets or sharp corners, and they cannot The inlet hubs are used, as well as during grinding, because they are not uniformly matched with other materials, they always offer a non-uniform mixture. Consumers also tend to buy the materials they are buying in granules or plastic pellets. This is done by the granule line.

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