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The Best Sellers of Urea Granules

a Comprehensive Guide to Urea Granulesthe Manufactures of Urea Granules at Cheap Price

Urea Granules fertilizer is a chemical fertilizer that is widely used in agriculture as a source of nitrogen. Urea granules are 15-20% more efficient than other types. The chemical formula of urea is CO (NH2) 2 and is excreted naturally in mammalian urine. That is why it is important to prepare urea granules in different uses that can be purchased at different Urea Granule Price in factories and distribution centers today.

The Best Sellers of Urea Granules

a Comprehensive Guide to Urea Granules

a Comprehensive Guide to Urea Granules Urea fertilizers are very soluble (solubility 1079 g / l at 20 ° C). Therefore, in addition to fertilizing through the soil, they can also be absorbed by spraying plants. However, urea fertilizers should not be used in soilless crops as they are immediately removed from the container. Urea fertilizer is an inexpensive source of nitrogen with a NPK ratio of 0-0-46 in the solid form. Another fertilizer that contains high concentrations of urea is urea ammonium nitrate (UAN). UAN is a liquid fertilizer that contains between 28 and 32% nitrogen.

Urea is hydrolyzed in the soil and converted to ammonia and dioxide, and is used en masse to feed crops. Although urea is naturally produced in humans and animals, synthetic urea is produced by anhydrous ammonia.More than 90% of the world’s industrial urea production is for use as nitrogen fertilizer. Urea has the highest amount of nitrogen in all solid nitrogen fertilizers with common uses. Therefore, nitrogen has the lowest transportation cost per unit of nutrient.

Plants are unable to absorb nitrogen urea, and in order for a plant to absorb the nitrogen used as urea, nitrogen must be converted to ammonium (NH4 +) and nitrate (NO3‑), which are forms of nitrogen that plants can use.
According to Urea Granules Information, urea can provide the highest amount of nitrogen to soil and crops at the lowest cost. This material is easy to store and does not pose a fire hazard in the long run. Granular urea can be used alone or mixed with other fertilizers. For plants that grow better in acidic soils, urea fertilizer is one of the best options to prevent soil acidification. In the cultivation of crops such as corn, strawberries and other plants that need high nitrogen, urea fertilizer is able to provide high amounts of nitrogen to the plant immediately.

the Manufactures of Urea Granules at Cheap Price

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