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WPC granule Featuresprice WPC granules and environmentWPC products applications
recycled plastic granules

Price WPC granules are unique because of the unique features it offers. WPC (wood plastic composite)use in a wide variety of applications. The products manufactured from these composites use in different parts of the building, decoration and rooftop garden, rail traversing, shipbuilding (deck), window frames, etc.

 WPC (Wood Plast composite) is a combination of a natural polymer and an artificial polymer, due to its high resistance to colour variation and its lightweight, its current use is more to the case of decoration, yard flooring, building facade and roof garden(Roof Garden).

Since plastic composite is a combination of natural wood fibres, it is the most important and most elemental constituent of it and plastic materials with some lower percentages than wood. Therefore, the desired properties of the consumer, such as :

price WPC granule
  • Fire resistance (non-ignition and friction)
  • Suitable sound insulation, the strength and fragility of the ease
  • High UV-resistance (lack of colour)
  • High resistance Against various climatic conditions
  • The ability to knock and jigsaw
  • Resistant to vermin rodents as well as algae
  • mushrooms
  • Parasites
  • Anti-corrosion and decay,
  • and most importantly easy installation. Therefore, past wood can consider an appropriate alternative to wood.
price WPC granule

WPC granule Features

  • The final formulation by the extrusion process not only maximizes the efficiency of the use of resources but also allows the manufacturer to provide a better product at each stage of bonding, tightening and strengthening.
  • Price WPC granules are very economic brcouse it does not require further processing and processing after production.
  • Unlike other wooden productsthat need to be replaced for outdoor use, these products are resistant towater, mildew and air, and are a good alternative.
  • Wood plastics can be made of plastic products that are both high-performance and nature-friendly.

Wood plasters can use in all suitable and cost-effective alternatives to wood, for example, they can use in the manufacture of furniture frames, furniture and other decorative products. In addition to producing many plastic products such as window frames, Cable trunks and roof design also make use of them.

price WPC granules

price WPC granules and environment

Due to the increasing pressure on the industry to further improve recycling, WPCs have been widely welcomed. The purpose of using recycled products is to use raw materials used in products with a short lifespan in products with a long lifespan.

Consumers of plastic products need to reduce their dependence on petrochemicals due to the continuous rise in Price WPC granules.

In addition, wood users are also required to recycle wood waste in order to avoid unnecessary cutting of trees. Therefore, the production of wood plast can improve wood utilization by using wood waste up to 40%.

[rice WPC granules

WPC products applications

  •  Framework and components in
  • External vertical and horizontal coatings
  •  Framework and window components
  •  Flooring and fence
  •  cornice
  •  Stairs and fences
  • Covering the cabinet
  • Decorating the ceiling and the wall
  • Prefabricated floors
  • categorizing
  • Cable trunk
  • shield
  • Furniture and garden architecture
  • Kitchen cabinets and cabinets
  • office furniture
  • Soundproof coatings

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