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Selling WPC granule in China market

Benefits of Selling wpc granule Property of WPCGenerally, the wood boards include the following features
wpc granule

WPC granule is, in fact, the acronym for plastic composite. These materials include a large number of composite materials that can use in various types of plastics such as proline andPVC. And they also use to connect them to a variety of modes, such as wood flour or linen fibres.

Not only can this material be used as a substitute for traditional wood composite samples, it also provides a new generation of high-performance products.

One of the benefits of these products is that they consume since wood can sawdust or even waste of other wood products, there is no need to use new wood resources to produce them. Wooden waste, which has so far been costly to eliminate it, can today be a good source for one of the best wooden composite products. Also, recycled plastics from batteries and plastic bags are also a good source for using more conventional plastics.

wpc granule

Benefits of Selling wpc granule

  • The final formulation by the extrusion process not only maximizes the efficiency of the use of resources but also allows the manufacturer to provide a better product at each stage of bonding, tightening and strengthening.
  •  WoodPlast is a product that does not require further processing and processing after production.
  • Unlike other wooden products that need to replac for outdoor use, these products are resistant to water, mildew and air, and are a good alternative.
  • Wood plastics can be made of plastic products that are both high-performance and nature-friendly.
  • Plank timber can use in all suitable and cost-effective substitutes for wood products, for example, in the manufacture of furniture frames, furniture and other decorative products. In addition to producing many plastic products such as window frames, Cable trunks and roof design also make use of them
wpc granule

Property of WPC

  • This combination of materials includes the best of wood and plastic properties.
  • In addition to inexpensive raw materials, these products help eliminate waste wood and plastics that are costly.
  • Their price and performance versus other common wood products, including MDF, PVC-U and wood, are suitable.
  • It is possible to manufacture and build them using traditional wood processing methods.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and designs.
  •  Recovered after use.

Generally, the wood boards include the following features

  • High-toughness and impact resistance.
  •  High stability against environmental changes(dimensional stability)
  •  Resistance to corruption.
  •  Excellent thermal properties.
  •  Low moisture absorption.
  • Wood frames and fire

Experience has shown that the behavior of WPCs is the same and, even in some circumstances, better than other wood products.

Fire tests usually contain two flammable and fire-fighting components, in which the level of fire, sustainability in burning and the rate of flame spread is investigated.

Most of the tests in this area in the United States and according to the ASTM standards are summarized in this section.

In general, the presence of plasticin products improves the efficiency of wood products against fire. For example, the use of PVC-U materials that have a good fire and flame retardant is overall WPC performance compared to pure wood.

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