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Buy and sell colored granules WPC

Colored granules WPC in Floor covering typesColored granules WPC production lineColored granules WPC productions varied industries
colored granules WPC

Buy and sell colored granules WPC is common in all countries. WPC granules are Wood Plastic Composite Granules. The most function of these types of granules are for floor covering. Using these granules in Floor covering production line was a revolution in this industry. Cheaper floor covers with high quality and long durability.

Buy and sell colored granules WPC

Colored granules WPC in Floor covering types

Most colors of WPC granules are wood colors. It means that their colors are shades of brown. There are primary materials for producing WPC granules. Wood and Lubricants are the primary. WPC granules in varied colors similar to brown, white and black is usual. Most of floor covers producers are using Colored Granules WPC as primary substances for their floor covers. Because of their quality most people prefer to use WPC floor covers instead of Parquets. Also they are cheaper than wooden parquets. They are not poison and have consistency against erosion.

Buy and sell colored granules WPC

Colored granules WPC production line

Primary components involved wood, polymers and some additives going into extruder machine. The they are compounding with each other with multiple technologies like counter-rotating conical TSE or parallel, co-Rotating conical TSE and then get into hot/cool batch mixer. And after these steps WPC Granules are ready to use.
Now Granules have to way to use. They are going to single screw extruder and change into profiles. WPC Profiles are using in constructions and buildings. One of most function of them is producing block houses. They are not expensive. Also they are easy and fast to establish. So they have a lot of advantages and benefits.

Buy and sell colored granules WPC

Colored granules WPC productions varied industries

Colored granules WPC is usable for ships decking, pool decking. Also usable for yards and house of gardens. Also factories use them for producing:

  • Pencils
  • Furniture
  • Technical profiles

Today many of home furniture are made from WPC Granules. Because they are beauty as much as wooden furniture. Also they are cheaper. So people prefer to use them more.

Also if using granules WPC with injection moulding technique we will have these type of productions:

  • Speaker boxes
  • Gun stocks
  • Furniture
  • Pallets
  • Urns
  • Musical instruments

Therefore, they are usable and useful in many varied industries. Also some people never think about them. But the point is that buy and sell colored granules WPC are profitable. There are more than these advantages that we discussed. So you will found how they can be useful even in your houses inch meal.

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