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Application of polymer granule in IndustriesGranular production:The granule production line works in two ways:Method One: Lines for the production of stringed granulesSecond method: dry granule production lines
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Polymer Granules are not a specific polymer name. They are called granules in some form of polymer obtained in a petrochemicals that are granular.
Or, in other words, plastic granules are small pellets of plastic. That split into plastic injection moulding machines and convert into various types of parts.

In fact, when the polymer is produced, the melt is extruded in the extruder. And also in the extruder’s head, a cutter or anything like that. All polymer materials can become granular depending on the application and viscosity and other factors. Such as polymerization and the like. However, if the polymerization conditions and other factors are complex.

Polymer Granules

Application of polymer granule in Industries

One of the most widespread and most important parts of the plastics industry is the recycling of plastic scrap to recyclable granules for other manufacturers. Because the raw materials of this industry are worn and deposed tires in different regions, which are found abundantly and annually added to several thousand tons. The product of these machines is the basic material of many industries, such as the production of floor coverings. Types of reinforcements and alternatives in paints, asphalt, concrete. As well as the main fuel of the furnace, the primary material of rubber and the like.

The production of a homogeneous granule that does not reduce the quality of the product. And does not have a process. And quality problem for the consumer is always one of the main concerns of the activists of the recycling industry.
Some polymers retain their properties after several melting and molding. But some of them, like polyvinyl chloride, which use a lot of profiles in the window, table. And all kinds of sheets, cables, household appliances, etc., lose their properties after recycling.

Polymer Granules

Granular production:

Plastic forming machines are manufactured in such a way. That their input materials are better in the form of small plastic pellets.
Recycled plastic materials that are grinding and have sharp shaped plates. Or corners easily use in the hoppers of these devices, and the mixing time. Of course, because of the lack of uniformity in size with other materials, is always a non-uniform mixture.
Consumers of this material, therefore, prefer to buy their materials, like new materials, in granules. Or in the form of small plastic pellets. Which is done linearly in the name of the granular product line.

Polymer Granules

The granule production line works in two ways:

Method One: Lines for the production of stringed granules

The production of a threaded granule making it easier to make machines is a method in which plastics. After melting in the extruder and passing through metal filters.
This is a simple procedure. But the granules produced do not look like raw material granules, they have sharp corners and plastic crumbs.

Second method: dry granule production lines

In this method, the crushed plastics after melting in the extruder. And passing through the filter out of the perforations are removed and molded by a high speed blade. Then, with the entry into the bigger reservoir, the pressure drops and due to this pressure drop. The granules, which are heavier, fall to the bottom of the reservoir and the air reaches out above it.

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