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The granular production method of recycled materialsApplicate PVC granules for shoe solesBenefits of producing footwear for insoles from recycled materials

The production of shoe insoles from recycled materials, such as pvc granules for shoe soles and other scrap, is nowadays more than ever considered.
The necessity of this is due to two basic reasons:
One is the environmental problem caused by polymer waste. And and the other one is the cost of polymer production from petroleum products. Polymer waste is the best material to make the device possible. Shoe insoles are one of the many products that produced annually.
This device is as important as the shoes themselves. Therefore, its production using granules derived from recycled materials can be a good solution to the problem of foot insoles. Soft PVC for the manufacture of footwear is one of the materials that can obtaine from waste products.

PVC granules for shoe soles

The granular production method of recycled materials

Before using the shoe insoles to create new shoe insoles, they should be converted into granules in stages. First, they must shred the various wastes, including recycled shoe insoles, into small pieces. Then they melte in the extruder and made in granular form. This granule has a lower quality than the first-order polymer. But is far less expensive and has the same resistance and flexibility to produce a shoe insoles. In fact, the initial material of the insoles of the shoe can obtained from the scraps. It is interesting to know that by crushing and softening these scrubs and adding plasticizers to it, you can get a special Pvc for the production of footwear.

PVC granules for shoe soles

Applicate PVC granules for shoe soles

The PVC granules for shoe soles is a good option for the production of footwear insoles. Granules, because they produce at the same size, do not show a heterogeneity during melting. Or, it’s possible to get a spreadsheet that obtained by recycled granules.

PVC granules for shoe soles

Benefits of producing footwear for insoles from recycled materials

  •  Insoles made of footwear insoles and other plastic scraps, have high flexibility and do not harass the leg when walking. Their soft and flexible appearance makes them easy to remove from the shoe and, after washing, put them back into the shoe.
  •  The durability and durability of the backing material are as good as the first material. This makes it possible for you to use them for a long time and do not need to be replaced.
  •  By using PVC software for the production of shoe insoles, which are obtained from recycled materials, you can create a flexible and soft shoe sole that does not annoy the leg.
  •  The production of man-made tools, from recycled materials for insoles, makes it possible for a solution to the environmental problem of plastic materials. Instead of releasing plastic materials in nature. They can recycle to the production cycle.
  •  By converting recycled materials from the insoles to the granule, you can create uniforms without heterogeneity. However, if they converted directly to melting plates directly after melting, the resulting product will have an inconsistent surface.
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