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The Major Distribution of Urea Granule at Bulk Price

Principles of Choosing Urea GranuleThe Wholesale Price of Urea Granule

Urea fertilizer is a chemical fertilizer that is widely used in agriculture as a source of nitrogen. Urea fertilizer is produced commercially by reacting ammonia with carbon dioxide in the form of granular solids or cylindrical tablets.

Both forms of urea fertilizer contain 46% nitrogen, but the rate of evaporation and leaching percentage of urea is higher in tablet form fertilizers. Therefore, urea granules are 15-20% more efficient than other types. The chemical formula of urea is CO (NH2) 2 and is excreted naturally in mammalian urine.

That is why it is important to prepare urea granules in different uses that can be purchased at different Urea Granule Price in factories and distribution centers today.

The Major Distribution of Urea Granule at Bulk Price

Principles of Choosing Urea Granule

Principles of Choosing Urea Granule Urea granules are used in various parts of industry and are mostly used in agriculture as chemical fertilizers, but there are points about using it as fertilizer that can be important in Urea Granule Choosing , which is:

Urea fertilizers should be used with caution because if not used properly, nitrogen is lost due to ammonia volatility and in some cases urea may damage germinated seeds. Urea fertilizer should be applied to the soil immediately after application, by irrigation or rainfall. The use of urea fertilizers on the soil surface without irrigation causes more nitrogen loss. Loss is higher in soils with high pH. Urea fertilizers should be used when the temperature is not too low or too high. A soil temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) is considered sufficient. The use of urea fertilizers containing urease inhibitors reduces the rate of hydrolysis, resulting in less ammonia production and escape, and gives you up to a week or two to irrigate the land.

The Wholesale Price of Urea Granule

The Wholesale Price of Urea Granule Urea Granule Wholesale means that this product can be delivered in tonnages above 20,000 tons. Fortunately, Iran’s petrochemicals have a very good capacity and can supply the market. This type of sale will allow buyers to buy the amount they need without any worries. The sale will be done by our business with the help of petrochemicals as soon as possible. A prerequisite for the sale is the official presentation of the loi by the buyers so that his work can be followed.

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