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abs plastic granule price per kg in Iran

ABS plastic granule propertiesABS plastic applicationTips for recycling this material in Iran
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abs plastic granule is one of the widest use polymers commercially available in plastic granules. For example it consists of three parts of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, modified by the percentage of each monomer for a particular user.

Of course, it should be noted that more of It allocates it to polystyrene. Also, this polymer finds in the body of appliances such as phone, vacuum cleaner, tea maker and electrical appliances and vehicle parts.

ABS is one of the widest usage plastics. This plastic can be seen in all types of pipes to plastic sheets. The features of this plastic are high-performance, high-gloss and also insulating.

abs plastic granule

ABS plastic granule properties

ABS Plastic granules consist of three different monomers with different characteristics and result in the production of polymer with a good combination of thermal and electrical mechanical properties. The characteristics of each monomer include:
• Transparency
• Elderly
• polarity
Of course, the size of each monomer needs to balance to create the required properties. If the increase in the amount of one component can have a beneficial effect on the properties of that component, and the effect of the damage on the two other properties. For example, increasing the amount of butadiene enhances the impact resistance and decreases thermal resistance.

ABS Plastic granule

ABS plastic application

In many applications, ABS plastic granules produce by injection or blow moulding and extrusion. The main use of ABS is in the automotive industry and in the manufacture of body parts.
Other major uses include pipes and fittings is injectable parts such as Logo toys, phones, household appliances, and electric hand tools are other uses of this plastic.
Although, abs plastic granule has different types and grades. And extrusion is one of its most famous types. It is worth noting, however, that this type makes up of different MFIs. That each of which is suitable for a particular extrusion process. Such as sheet, film, thin-film extruded and so on.

abs plastic granule
ABS Plastic granule

Tips for recycling this material in Iran

The main processes of recovery ABS are heating and crushing. And it is very important to adjust the temperature when it granulate to avoid thermal degradation and yellowing.

One of the main problems involved in ABS recovery the high impact or impact polystyrene contamination. that it has a serious impact on the properties of recycled materials.  And If this mixture is impregnated with impurities, it will separate by salt water. In the world, electrostatic and foaming techniques use for high-resolution separation.

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