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Buy Abs Color Granules in Tehran

Buy ABS color granulesABS color granules recyclingABS color granular propertiesSpecial applications of granular colored abs
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Buy ABS color granules will have a major impact on reducing your costs. These plastic materials today produce in a variety of colours that used to make different types of products.

If you concentrate on the world around you, colors have an effective role in our lives. The objects in the world around us each have a characteristic color of their own, which sometimes uses as their identifier.

In addition, most goods buy and order by people based on their color. And what matters is the quality of its raw materials and its color for the production of new products.

There are so many plastic appliances in the corners of our lives today. We can not ignore the presence of plastic around us. For example, you are currently reading this text from a laptop, smartphone, tablet or computer, which if you notice, you will notice that more than 80% of it is made of plastic.

So you will appreciate the importance of colored granules for quality products. Colourful granules prepare in a variety of colors, and you will be able to choose the colour you want based on your product design.

Buy ABS color granules

Buy ABS color granules

The ABS granular color is one of the most widely used polymers that are commercially produced and sold. This polymer can be seen in a variety of colors in many of the objects around us. Objects such as phones, mobile phones, home appliances, car parts, etc. …

Buy ABS color granules

ABS color granules recycling

What matters in the recycling process of ABS is the heating and shredding process. As the granulation stage is, the temperature setting is very important, because the slightest mistake will cause thermal degradation as well as yellowish it. No carcinogenic element identify in this plastic, and it does not harm anyone’s health. In addition, the use of ABS granules has been growing in order to reduce the volume of waste and adjust the cost of goods.
It is noteworthy that ABS polymer is resistant and shockproof. This polymer is a family of engineering plastics and general plastics. Abs has milky colored granules, which use in a variety of colors to make use of pigments.

Buy ABS color granules

ABS color granular properties

• Good blow
• Good machining ability
•low price
• Stability in dimensions
• High stiffness
• Cold forming with heat …
• Change the color and properties against the sun’s rays
• High moisture absorption

Buy ABS color granules

Special applications of granular colored abs

• Build prototype models
• Enclosures and covers
• Components and holders
• Machine components
• Rollers
• welding and …

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