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Applications of LDPE film granulesTypes of new products from LDPE RecycledWhat is Recyclable
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Mainly LDPE film granules use in more applications. Because, in addition to hardness, it is very transparent and flexible. And it can easily use in curve shapes.
In today’s world, plastics play a very important role in our lives. If we look a little bit carefully, we will see the presence of a variety of plastic products in even the smallest functional area around us.
But what have you thought of what will be the fate of the friable plastics?
Reports indicate that LDPE film granule has a very good resistance to acid and base oils. Hardness and flexibility and relative transparency make it suitable for packaging products and applications that need to be heated.

LPDE film granules

Applications of LDPE film granules

LDPE film widely uses for manufacturing

  •  Types of plastic containers
  •  Distribution of bottles
  •  Washable bottles
  • Tubes
  •  Plastic bags
  •  Computer components
  •  Some laboratory equipment

LDPE film granules

LDPE film granules use to produce a variety of thin and flexible products, such as plastic bags, and also packaging cups for drying foods such as sugar, tea and coffee.
Other LDPE applications also use to produce toys, club equipment, etc …
In the world, the rate of recycled products is increasing. So when LDPE is recycled, it will actually have another chance to live as another and more useful product. In other words, plastic changes from one type to another.

Types of new products from LDPE Recycled

  •  Mailboxes
  • recycling bins
  •  Flooring
  •  Framing frameworks
  •  Furniture manufacturing

Recycling LDPE and other types of plastics can help reduce environmental costs.
Recycling significantly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and can have better and better performance than waste disposal. It also prevents the spread of environmental pollutants.
Which is why it has become known as Green Polymer.

LDPE film granule

What is Recyclable

Plastic bags made of flexible membranes or plastic sheets. Plastic membranes often make of polyethene in a thickness of less than 10 mm. From this plastic make the dishes, food containers and bread containers.

The properties of this polymer are flexible and can decompose by microorganisms. Polyethene has low and low molecular density of low density, which also increases its flexibility.
This property has caused more than fifty per cent of the production of this product in the manufacture of film and sheet for use in the coating Transparent gold plated, packing linings, covers and luggage.
Also, this type of polymer is used to make dishes such as pressurized bottles.
Other polyethene consumption often is lightweight, wires, cables and paper insulating.
LPDE is one of the petrochemical products. And because of the oil-rich region, Iran is considered one of the major suppliers of this polymer. Which annually exports a significant amount of plastic moulds to other countries.

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