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Export of polyethylene granules f7000 of iran

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Polyethylene granules (PE)The main uses of Nexics films are:Cellphone:The main applications of the film are:Garbage bag:Freezer bags:
polyethylene granules

Polyethylene granules are from the group of thermoplastics that are obtained by polymerization of ethylene gas (C2H4). High-density polyethylene is called HDPE or heavy polyethylene. Due to the density of the molecular chain in heavy polyethylene, its density is high and therefore their flexibility is low.

Therefore, the impact strength in heavy Polyethylene granules is less than that of light polyethylene, but its resistance to chemicals And also good brittle stresses. The most commonly used F7000 Grid is disposable gloves, freezer bags, food and fruit bags, garbage bags, medical gowns.

polyethylene granules

Polyethylene granules (PE)

Polyethylene granules are a family of thermoplastics that are produced by polymerization of ethylene gas (C2H4). Through the catalyst and polymerization method, it can control various properties such as density, MFI flow, crystallinity, degree of branching and grid, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. Low molecular weight polymers are used as lubricants. The polymers of the average molecular weight of the waxes are fused with paraffin. and finally, polymers with a molecular weight greater than 6000 in the plastic industry account for the largest volume of consumption. Polyethylene contains a very simple structure, which is simpler than all commercial polymers. A high molecular weight polyethylene molecule of carbon atoms is attached to each carbon atom of two hydrogen atoms.

If you want to blow film films, low-density colognes and special applications, the best option is the material: Heavy Duty Polyethylene 7000 (HDPE).
These films, which are typically “dry” and “shockproof”, are categorized into “Nexle” films in terms of thickness range in lower classifications.
Some of the mechanical properties of the Nyksx are lower than the nylon in the lower range. There are a number of other behaviors (the ability to produce very thin film, the number in kilograms, the addition of less And …) are the main reasons for its high demand in the consumer market of the country.

polyethylene granules

The main uses of Nexics films are:

  •  Bags of fruit and food
  •  Freezer bags
  •  Disposable tableware
  • Disposable gloves
  • Trash cans
  •  Dental crochet

polyethylene granules


The cellophane is nickname for transparent film and glass based on polypropylene. Which after melting out the mold of the device with the help of water flowing into amorphous state.
The cellophane films are in their glassy environment and, therefore, exhibit a fragile and robust behavior.
On the other hand, the higher melting temperature of this film than nylon and nylon, has increased its applicability in the upper range of temperature.
At a glance, one has to say that each of the nylon, nellox, and cellphone films have their own applications, and none of them can take another place.

polyethylene granules

The main applications of the film are:

  •  Packaging of food and dried fruits and flowers
  •  Transparent transparent packaging
  •  Home and Restaurant Table Coverings
  • Autoclaves for hospital waste
  •  Covering books and pamphlets
  •  And….

polyethylene granules

Garbage bag:

Trash bags design for the transport of household and industrial waste.
This product is manufactured according to the market order in a variety of soldering, cross-sectional and thick sizes, and it is consumed daily on the market.
Trash bags are typically based on “heavy polyethylene” and are therefore nylactic.
Note: It is important that a product designed as a waste bag should not be used for other purposes. Such as the transport of health and food products or ….
The most important mechanical properties for using garbage bags are their resistance to tear, rupture and impaction.
Because waste removal is an undesirable phenomenon. It is necessary to avoid this event by reinforcing the mechanical properties of waste bags.

polyethylene granules

Freezer bags:

For the packaging and maintenance of such foods, meat, vegetables, legumes … at low temperatures, we need frozen bags.
Typical freezer bags have a thickness of about 20-5 microns and they are of the type Neelyx. The method of producing the freezer bags is also Blown Film. The film produced after the sewing and cutting in the optimal size goes to the consumer market.
It is important to note that the production, and completion of freeze bags should be carried out in health. And sanitary environments and its polymer materials are also “food grade”.
In addition, none of the additives used to produce films should be included in the formulation of this product.
The small size of this product does not require special mechanical properties. But it is important to control the dimensions (length, width and thickness) and the health of the raw materials.

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