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Applications of sulfur granulesThe Importance of Sulfur in Human LifeWhy product of Iranian sulfur granules supplierMethods of producing Sulphur granules supplier
sulphur granules

Sulphur granules supplier in Iran is one of the most important industry. therefore a large amount of Iran’s oil and gas resources use annually to produce sulfur.

Iran’s sulfur has very good quality, high purity and very little ash. As well as, in addition to supplying the needs of domestic industries, the bulk (granola and hunk) are also exported abroad.

Sulphur granules supplier

Applications of sulfur granules

Sulfur is a free and complex combination of many uses. But it’s mostly used to make chemical compounds and intermediate products in the industry cycle.
This element has always been used by the agricultural industry and phosphate production over the past years.

  • The Sulfur element uses to produce matches
  • For rubber welding
  • Mushroom breaks
  • Disinfectants
  • And fertilizer
  • Preparation of sulfuric acid
  •  Make several types of paper
  • Bleaching agent
  • And also insulation

Also, One of the technical points of sulfur granules is the reduction of the alkali properties of calcareous soils. It should be noted that plants absorb sulfur granules through the root.

Other things that can say about sulfur granules are the physical and chemical improvements to the soil. This will increase the soil’s efficiency in absorbing the elements in the soil.

Granular sulfur is one of the products of Iran’s petrochemical industry. In terms of exports, Iran’s granule is one of the best-selling sulfur granules in commercial markets.

Sulphur granules supplier

The Importance of Sulfur in Human Life

  • Oil production and the improvement of the quality of fruit and edible plants
  •  Enhancement and soil richness
  • Plant resistance to diseases, dryness and cold
  •  Sulfur in the human body for healthy skin, nails and hair
  • And also to balance oxygen
  •  And the effect on the correct functioning of the brain.
sulphur granules supplier

Why product of Iranian sulfur granules supplier

Production of Iran’s Sulphur granules supplier comprises more than half of the petrochemicals business. This product creates for the purpose of creating a change in the system of production of agricultural products. And also by removing contaminants and producing sulfur granules has improved the agricultural industry.

Therefore, the process of training is a process by which molten sulfur turns into granular grains with specific characteristics.

sulphur granules supplier

Methods of producing Sulphur granules supplier

In general, there are three main methods for producing sulfur:

  • Sulfur production from elemental sulfur deposits in the Frash method, because of sulfur extracte from sulfur calcareous sediments.
  •  The production of sulfur from H2S, mainly from natural gas, refinery gas, synthesis gas and exhaust gases in coke production.
  •  And Also Sulfur production of pyrite. In the absence of air, sulfur and iron, sulfide obtain from the melt.


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