recycled LDPE granules price and petrochemicals in Iran

recycled LDPE granules price and petrochemicals in Iran is less than other countries. Although Iran have one of the biggest petrochemical industry in the area have the lowest price too. recycled LDPE granules price depend on varied parameters. Making Plastics and usage of them in Iran is increasing faster than recycling factories. So it does not different that recycled granules are either for using inside or exports. It is better for nature and human life to recycle plastics and reuse them for saving their lives. So recycled LDPE granules price is low just for distributing them as new primary materials in industries to prevent producing new plastics.

recycled LDPE granules price and petrochemicals in iran

Recycled LDPE Granules Background

In 1935s, some researchers accidentally invent these type of polymers. They put Mixture of ethylene and benzaldehyde on the heat in the high pressure. So the product was a production with properties of waxes.  After that, in 1939 A chemist named ‘’Michele Perrin’’ found the way to produce LDPE Polymers.

recycled LDPE granules price and petrochemicals in iran

Recycled LDPE Granules Advantages


The best advantage of Recycled LDPE Granules is that they are safe. They do not fire with a small match.

Also They are flexible. Exports of Recycled LDPE Granules does not have any consideration and conditions. So Traders export them easily to their countries. Also They will not get bad with sunlight or other climate conditions. So They do not have limitations to store them in varied countries. Absolutely Iran have the superior quality Recycled LDPE Granules and Petrochemicals.

recycled LDPE granules price and petrochemicals in iran

Recycled LDPE Granules Applications


Low Density Poly Ethylene in short LDPE is a polymer that is in Thermoplastics Category. One of the biggest and useful advantages of this polymer is that they are flexible and can be decomposed by microorganisms. Polyethylene has low molecular density and This low molecular density cause their low density, which makes it more flexible. This feature of Recycled LDPE Granules has caused to use more than fifty percent of the Recycled LDPE Granules productions in the manufacture of films and sheets for use in coatings. Also Factories use Recycled LDPE Granules as Primary material to produce Transparent polish, packing linings, covers and luggage. This type of polymer is also used to make dishes such as bottles under pressure.

Also LDPE Granules used for the production of polyethylene pipes, manufacturing small containers, household utensils, toys, electrical and telecommunication wires, films, various part of cars, sports equipment. They may also usable in sport Hitches and laboratory equipment and industrial components.



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