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Selling various exporter of petrochemical granules

New Export Granular Export Market

Petrochemical exports of granules in various types of applied polymers have the ability to sell and supply both internally and externally.

New Export Granular Export Market

Export Granular is a generic term used in many types of polymer granules to be covered and marketed. Granules have not had any restrictions on the role of sales in different markets due to the key nature of the rotation of industrial factories.



The precious thing that is considered in the field of commercial export granules is the volume of these deals, which are in high tonnage, and the supplies of this granule group are often found in large petrochemical bases and large factories.



Those recovered granular exports of the hot granular market, usually lost due to the lack of high capacity and non-industrialization and lack of export-oriented commercial infrastructure, have lost their presence in the global markets and turned to the domestic market for the sale of granules. They are Regarding the large commercial markets of Iran in the field of export granules, parallel to the large.

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