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Recycled pet bottle granules price in Iran

Advantage and Application of PET BottleRecycled pet bottle granules allowingOpportunities sometimes limited because of certain industrial practices
Recycled pet bottle granules

The most common use of Recycled pet bottle granules plastics on the consumer products market are:
PE, polyethylene: bags, bottles for detergents, toys, films and other packaging;
PP, polypropylene, with very different uses: objects for furniture, containers for food, bottles for detergents and detergents, carpets, garden furniture;
PVC, polyvinyl chloride: trays for eggs, films, tubes; it is also in doors, windows and tiles;
PET, polyethene terephthalate: beverage bottles, synthetic fibers, cassette tapes.

Recycled pet bottle granules
Recycled granules

Advantage and Application of PET Bottle

  •  Cost of plastic recycling machine apply in PET waste bottle or leaf recycling field and with high automation, less man power, low energy consumption, high efficiency.
  •  Manufacturing procedure starting from shredding, crushing, washing, drying, separating, final packing, we will design according to customer’s requests.
  •  With a pre-treatment material system such as pre-washer, label processing module, greatly improve the quality of the final product.
  •  With multiple cold flotation, hot wash and friction wash, completely remove impurities such as glue, organic and inorganic residues.
  •  High-quality separation, pre-sorting material (steel, sands)
  •  Clean flakes can use to produce polyester staple fiber, PET strapping, PET pellets, film and PET sheets, etc. Higher grade flakes reuse to blow bottles.
  •  Cost of the plastic recycling machine is based on the dirty flakes are, in addition, make sure the quality of the finished products are very clean.
Recycled pet bottle granules
Recycled granules

Recycled pet bottle granules allowing

The Recycled pet bottle granules sorted after collection are mainly recycled mechanically, to produce pellets, used to make new plastic objects.
The main plastics are recycled, with different applications. PET (polyethene terephthalate), component of plastic bottles, mainly transformers into fibres (55%) used for example in the textile but also to remake bottles (32%) and leaves (10%). For packaging that suitable for food contact, a decontamination step must add.

Recycled pet bottle granules
Recycled granules

Opportunities sometimes limited because of certain industrial practices

A figure that seems weak, but Cotrep points out that the presence of opacifying particles in the PET limits the outlets for recycling and advises manufacturers to use transparent PET when possible.
PET trays are also interesting for recycling. HDPE (high-density polyethene) and PP (polypropylene), two common packaging plastics, mainly use in the manufacture of tubes (61%). But can also find in a wide variety of products (watering cans, car seats, bins, pallets). According to the Elipso Plastic Packaging Federation, 57% of packaging manufacturers have incorporated recycled plastics into their packaging in 2017.

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