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Polypropylene polymer granules from Iran

Polypropylene Polymer Standard ShapesCommercial Polypropylene Polymer Granules typesPolypropylene polymer advantages comparison others
Polypropylene polymer granules

Polypropylene polymer Granules from Iran has the best quality. Advanced machines and technology have been used to produce the best quality and pure Polypropylene Polymer Granules. So the factories that need Polypropylene polymer granules as primary material of their company and factories have a good choice for buying them. Updating the machines and technology is a major issue to have the better quality than before.

Polypropylene polymer granules

Polypropylene Polymer Standard Shapes

Polypropylene polymer granules as short PP Granules have too many functions in varied applications. Also They are flexible. There are too many standard shapes of Polypropylene Polymers like:

  • Fiber
  • Honeycomb
  • Tod
  • Sheet
  • Tube
  • Sphere
  • mesh
  • Granules

But why we insist on using granules? Because there are too many advantages in using Polypropylene Polymer Granules. Other shapes may not have them. Polypropylene Polymer granules have high crystallization degree; their crystallization degree is up to seventy percent.

Polypropylene polymer granules have less density. So they are the lowest weight Plastics. Without considering their chemical features Exporting the Polypropylene Polymer granules from Iran is easier than other shapes. Also they need less capacity to be in it. So Traders and customers prefer to use Granules in their industry. Except that they have to use special shape of polypropylene polymers.

Polypropylene polymer granules

Commercial Polypropylene Polymer Granules types

The biggest usage of Polypropylene Polymer Granules is in the molting injection industry. The second biggest customer of Polypropylene Polymer Granules is in fibers industries. There four commercial types of Polypropylene Polymer Granules:

  • Homo polymer
  • Co polymer
  • Alloys
  • Boosted

Homo polymer granules have more heat consistency. Also their Thermal stability is more than other types of PP. While The toughness of co polymer is more than Homo polymer, they have less thermal stability.
Producers use Co polymer granules in producing Transparent containers and bottles. Therefore, every type of Polypropylene Polymer granules has their especial usage in different industries. Although they are from one species of polymers.

Polypropylene polymer granules

Polypropylene polymer advantages comparison others

There are some brief advantages of using Polypropylene Polymers Advantages in comparison with other type of polymers:

  • Low Specific weight
  • Flexibility
  • Increase new applications and functions
  • Usable in Medical Equipment
  • Resistance to stretching
  • Acid resistance

Also There are more than these advantages of These granules.
Therefore, Producers in varied industries like fibers industry for producing fibers and Sacks, Automobile industry for cars’ floor covers should use these type of granules for their industry. Because their quality cause high quality production in other industries.

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